Thursday, June 30, 2011

hi and bye


so things have been a little dry around here.

my computer died. my work got crazy. my life in general has been pretty friggen nutso.


things are looking up.

new computer yesterday. leaving on jet plane tonight. gettin the heck outa here!

I will bring my camera. my appetite. my adventure.

its been a long time in the making, and yet, i feel like it was yesterday i found out I was going.

vancouver. leanne. two birds eatery.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

coffee land is an understatment



well well well.

I MOVED. we have arrived. the new place is beautiful. it is calm, peaceful, spacious. there is outdoor space and  leafy streets to explore. there are friendly neighbors and big windows in every room. AND A DISHWASHER.

so please excuse my lack of blogging.

or feel free to blame it on rogers, who strike 1. sent out a technician with the wrong modem. strike 2. canceled 20 minutes AFTER they were supposed to arrive because of the 'threat of bad weather'.

they will install it tonight or I will be going cray cray on someone.


just no.

we moved in. I needed to buy beer for the movers. google maps? nope. just had to drive and drive until i found one. where is the nearest place to get keys cut on a sunday? don't know! just drive around! ridiculous.

at least i have internet at work. my brothers probably climbing the walls at home.

so needless to say, cable is filling a gap that i didn't know existed. the bachelorette? I could get into this.

cute storefront down the street from me - taken with an iphone

so. blackberrys take shit pictures. can i get an iphone for work? this blog would be a million more pictures if my phone could take decent pics. 

retarded store front stretched out stupid - taken with my blackberry


whatsssss up with that?!

left justification. back. 

so yeah. and i can barely carry the essentials with me everywhere i go, so adding a camera to the mix is just not going to happen. just not. 

who wants to buy me an iphone?!!!! 

or maybe i could be one of those people who has a work phone and a personal phone. guess which one I would never have to use? plus really if i am carrying something else around with me all the time I might as well get an actual camera. sorry this is just me thinking out loud and typing it out. 


we have one of those individual coffee cup brewer things at work. 

germane chocolate cake coffee? winter carnival coffee? cinnamon pastry coffee? YES. winter carnival makes my office smell like christmas. 

okay. work to do. 

wait. one inspirational poster. 

found on marta writes. original image source via la dolce vita

this post is brought to you by winter carnival coffee land and too much sunshine

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

what does this mean to you?

possible options:
a)they are going to drill through the walls and try and throw hard hats into the hole
b) they are going to wear ghost busters suits and climb into the top of the elevators and wait for unsuspecting tenants to scare the crap out of 
c) they are going to be holding microsoft paint photo shopping lessons
d) they are hoping more then one elevator will be functioning properly at the same time (there are four total)
e) what do you think?

 ps. these are framed and then attached to the walls in the elevator with velcro. i tried to show the scale of the tiny little framed pictures and the non-symmetrical way they were hung. idiots.
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