Wednesday, June 1, 2011

what does this mean to you?

possible options:
a)they are going to drill through the walls and try and throw hard hats into the hole
b) they are going to wear ghost busters suits and climb into the top of the elevators and wait for unsuspecting tenants to scare the crap out of 
c) they are going to be holding microsoft paint photo shopping lessons
d) they are hoping more then one elevator will be functioning properly at the same time (there are four total)
e) what do you think?

 ps. these are framed and then attached to the walls in the elevator with velcro. i tried to show the scale of the tiny little framed pictures and the non-symmetrical way they were hung. idiots.

1 comment:

FoggyBogFaggot said...

I think they are celebrating the fact that they are finally fixing the elevator. No need to celebrate, it's called DOING YOUR JOB, property manager

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