Monday, May 30, 2011



life interlude.

don't be mad! i have good enough reasons to take week long breaks. like moving in 4 days, and making a logo for a bakery near and dear to my heart, and working upwards of 55 hours a week, and you know- trying to have a life and all.

i have been stress eating my face off this week. i can just feel how much my body hates it. BUT my tastebuds and brain want it. how can i tell that sweet widdle craving no?

gross. i hate baby talk.

tonight for dinner - i ate most of a bag of all dressed crispers. in my car. and then a ceasar salad with chickpeas to even THAT mistake out. gah. salt. i just can't get enough of it when i'm leaning towards stress ville.


so soon. so so so so soon.


flight booked to BC! end of june. only have to take 5 days off work and fan-dangled a 10 day stay. visiting the birds and helping get this bakery going. super excited to see what they have already done. what the space looks like. everything and more.

summer is shaping up! sorry i'm all exclamation marks tonight.  !!!! !!!  !! ! ! !

my feet stink!

there is a Jamaican guy yelling at a screechy woman on speaker phone somewhere close to our balcony right now. APARTMENTS!

aww but this was a good building to live in. convenience/price wise.  also in the last few months they have replaced the balcony railing and repainted the exterior of the building so it doesn't look half bad now. AND they repainted the hallways from this weird blue faux wallpaper stencil weirdness to solid beige and white. not bad.

there are also random photoshopped posters in the elevators that elude to the hope they might be replacing the elevators? not sure though. the only text on the poster is "WE ARE WORKING ON IT" and then a bunch of men with hard hats and some metal doors that could be an elevator? why the guess work? two words - NEW ELEVATORS.
also upon closer inspection (and because i live on the 28th floor and there is nothing else to do while making the slow and steady decline to the basement every morning) it appears the poster is really at least three and maybe even more clip art photos microsoft paint-ed together. again. two words - NEW ELEVATORS.

lots of good people working here.

one time i received a bill for .60 cents from the building management. sixty friggen cents! some interest charge or something i have no idea. the amount of time it took to figure out how much i owed, type out an invoice, print it out, fold and put it in an envelope, take the ridiculous elevator all the way to the 28th floor and back. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! time is money people.

i paid it.

if only out of respect for how shitty someones life is if they take .60 cents THAT seriously.

my feet stink. did i say that already?

i'm to bed early tonight. its going to be a long week.


FoggyBogFaggot said...

requesting a photo of the poster on your blog or else it doesn't exist. said...

i love this blog of yours, miss red food colouring! you will be suprised to know that i too, had this weird red "dye" (that's what the doctors called it when i was little) allerge and as i got older i started having less and less of a reaction. there is hope for all of us!!
torontonians need to stick together, no? and, i will have you know that my feet are by no means rose-smelling... they are especially yucky now! longest blog comment ever!

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