Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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Erin Ackerman

 to Dave

GOAL: no dairy for one week

its only monday afternoon and i have EPICALLY failed. 


i have had a TON of water with lemon. 


brown rice with asparagus



ice cream cone.


Dave to me

i don't know what to tell you Erin, you're a hard working career woman, very independent and smart.  Get your shit together.  if you can't find a way to go dairy-free for seven fucking days....I don't know what to tell you.  This is pretty simple.  Is there Dairy in it?  DON"T EAT IT.
A little bit of negative motivation for your Tuesday.
Just saw a job posting for the Fenelon Falls Salvation Army....dream come true?


Erin Ackerman

 to Dave

i know. 

your so right. 

but i have so little self restraint.

I'm skinny! I've never had to tell myself no. 

actually.. that doesn't even makes sense. 

clearly fat people aren't restraining themselves either. 

dairy free NOT FOR ME

again, so much water with lemon. and peppermint tea. 

i'm going to take the cheese off my sandwich today, just for you. 


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