Thursday, May 19, 2011

ikea! what are you trying to tell me?!


hooooooooly life.

i just deleted a whole paragraph of all the shit that I have been doing lately. not important! just know i have been busy.


lets look back at my resolutions and see where we stand with things. a little check up.

1. drink more coffee - I feel like i am doing well at this goal. we ran out of coffee for two weeks at the office and I was forced to drink tea. not the same. actually just ended up being late for work pretty much everday because i had to wait in the Tim hortens drive thu lane. i try not to drink it too late in the afternoon though.

2. give more compliments - meh...maybe doing this more? probably not though. 

3. eat real meals on weekdays- for a while i was doing good at this but then i fall off the wagon. i now go grocery shopping and take everything to the office since thats where i eat most of my meals. skip the middle man!

4. call my friends more. YES. i do think i am doing better at this. 

5. get back into the crafty spirit. double negative no. 

7. WORK LESS. hahaha. again. no. 

8. contribute to an RRSP. wow. i suck. nope. 

9. do more couple things. HA. nope. 

10. put more effort into hair and makeup. Maybe. depends on if you call effort doing my makeup on the way to work while driving. I'm trying not to wear the same outfits all the time, if that counts? (doesn't)

11. sell vintage on ebay or etsy. fail. 

and not to sure where number 6 went to?! 

so in all. failing. 

but i also don't really care because my life is super fulfilling and fun and few of these things really make me a better person, just a less bored person. 

new apartment in less then two weeks!!!

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FoggyBogFaggot said...

haha sell stuff on ebay is on my list. bought a bunch of cheap books at library, want to resell them.

Also, regarding the penis porn link. I've decided to not say what links are x rated, consider it a roulette of links. Or just me messing with you....? This is more fun/interesting for me than it is for you.


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