Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Jams

soooooooooooo happy its friday!

this week went by so quickly. happy about THAT

took my car to the mechanic yesterday and walked out with a car that sounded like a purring cat instead of an airplane taking off.

was pretty fucking stoked.

who knew a ball bearing could cause so much racket.

he showed it to me after. 'Look how bad this is' uh yeah sure, so i guess its not supposed to look like that?! you could have showed me a lawnmower engine i have no idea what the inside of my car looks like.

under the hood, not my problem, thats what i say

so while they fixed my car i found a goodwill down the street. two hours of goodwill shopping is exactly what i live for.

found a pair of white sperry's for my brother, found some geometric sweaters for myself, they are semi verging on cray cray but i like them, some smoked glass cups and lots of other goodies.

i would like it to rain just a little more. a few more days of rain would be great.


what the hell spring?

whatever, get it out of your system now and lets go for clear skies this summer. vegetable growth to the max.

i need to get some work done.


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