Sunday, May 1, 2011


so the thing about this blog is sometimes.

there is no blog.

deep eh?


i feel i must be honest on here. and enough time has passed that i feel comfortable talking about this now.

i am moving out, and ending my current relationship as it was. the dynamic of the relationship was bad, it was just really bad. we didn't even like each other anymore. i'm not exactly sure what the future holds for us now but i know that i needed to get out on my own and start building something fresh.

we don't hate each other. there was only a few harsh words spoken. it was mostly just laying the truths out on the table. neither one of us are in denial, it wasn't working.

i hope this is a new start. we are going to live our own lives, choose our own paths. its tough, its been almost six years. a long time, and even more reason to not wait.

so yes, thats it.

i move into my new place june 1st.

-roof top patio
-only a 20 minute NON HIGHWAY commute to work (right now i drive about 45 minutes-1.5 hours)
-new beautiful neighborhood to explore
-three huge bright windows
-a dishwasher!
-full authority on decorating (although I wouldn't say i was ever really told i couldn't do anything before, its now really my own vote that wins)
-living with my brother. and he gets his own bedroom!
-living in a house means no stupid elevators that break down
-fresh start x100000
-yoga and pilates just down the street

so yes. i think i had a bit of writers block this past week because i knew what i wanted my next post to be about and just didn't have the words to get it out.

but its out there now.

and me?

i am doing great.

fucking fabulous. really.

really really.

i feel excited about the future. i feel blessed to know how much my friends and family support me. i don't feel like i am alone, quite the opposite really. i feel like there is a part of me that is scared but an even bigger part of me that knew it was time for a change. life is too short. if i could count the times people tell me this i would have run out of numbers. LIFE IS TO SHORT.

i feel like getting lost in a youtube vortex of gold dust woman and stevie nicks.



Anonymous said...

You go girl! You are beautiful, talented, strong and independant, you can move mountains if you want to! Remember you are the master of your fate, the captain of your soul

FoggyBogFaggot said...

Woah, personal cheerleader above me, there. I'm reading that comment in a Queen Latifah voice. Reasons I can't wait for you to move: another friend to have TO slumber parties, aaaaand your BBQ...did you get a bbq yet?

miss teacups. said...

you know how i feel about this miss. so proud of you for doing something was obviously so hard but needed to be done. you're wonderful and fabulous and i'm glad that you feel that way! rooftop patio you say, well guess what? i know a cousin of yours who will be coming for a visit sometime in the summer :) awesome!!

love you.

Angela Anne said...

i definitely know what you are going through. but sometimes it is best to just pick yourself up and be honest and move on when you aren't happy. and you so deserve happiness!

i think you are going to learn so much about yourself, it seems like a really positive change! you are amazing, don't forget it!

life it too short! here's to your new adventures!

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