Monday, December 31, 2012

Theres always time for a list


its been a while.

I didn't really relise I needed a break until I started to break and just had no interest in going back. I went cold turkey didn't touch a computer for over a week. 12 days to be exact. there were a lot of factors, being home being one of them, christmas, visiting, but the major one was just general lack of interest.

I need to remember that life happens outside of the screen. yes yes yes yes yes I knoooooooow you have to be online for some things but I personally just need to put down the computer, my phone (instagram) and the tv. turn it off. sit for 5 minutes with it off. not distracted. actually wait, be distracted. listen to your body and mind, but don't go behind the screen. be free from it. bake for no reason. repot your plants that are overgrowing. I think its also important to say that it doesn't have to super high productivity time either. I often get suckered into thinking that if i'm not 'relaxing' behind the screen I could or rather, should, be doing something on my to do list. not true. go for a walk. make a craft. fail at making a craft.

that rant was really just so I can remember my point later when I'm stressed and wonder how I got that way.

theres going to be some things I need to remember in 2013 but for now I need to get away from this screen.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

second website is live

Just a quick pop in to let you know my second website is done....


I had a lot of fun photographing the ingredients for the site. I had a specific vision and sometimes its just easier to do it yourself.

as always, let me know any issues you find with it! Load times okay? (I tried to keep the file size down but its sooooo hard with nice images)

still trying to find a way to upload that flash video cause its pretty neat.

okay back to work.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

what can you do for me?

I'm staying home from school today. for once I'm actually ahead and finished the project thats due in this class and I don't really care to get any feedback on it and as long as its done thats good. (for this class)

its weird to be at home during the day though. I have these dreams of freelancing and living a 'creative' lifestyle and having days filled with coffee and walks and other days working through the night..but is this realistic? Do I actually think I could live that life? I'm not sure.

I'm not sure I couldn't have a steady job and well really a steady paycheque. a lovely steady paycheque.

This year has been good for me though.
(sidenote for anyone new, I quit my job to go back to school and haven't seen a paycheque since)

I've been able to trust myself. I've been able to reel back my 'wants' and 'needs'. Also having the excuse that your in school and you don't have extra money is SO handy to have. I have used it countless times. for example : Christmas! I think its silly to just exchange products. When in other years its been easier to just buy something I do. but no excuse this year, I have the time, I don't have the money, I AM MAKING YOU SOMETHING.

Also it makes me want more for my dollar. yes I will demand you put another handful of pickles on my sub. I will call rogers and ask to have my fee lowered. I asked to have my debit card have unlimited transactions. I asked for an extra $40 off a desk I saw on craigslist. and you know what?! I got every single one of those things. every single one.

want to know what my secret is?


simple simple words that empower people to help you.

seriously. try it. try it for something you wouldn't normally think there is even a way of lowering the cost. the bank? I wouldn't of thought they could negotiate things like that, but they can. everyone can. everyone has power, just give them the chance to prove it to you.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Baths are awesome. seriously awesome.

I always feel so good after one.

like my muscles and bones are calm. at peace.

then theres this. .   .

the bubbles fizz in my ears. they crackle when I lift my head out of the water. too loud. put my head back in. ahh. the water is still running from the tap. such a waste of hot water. am I really thinking about that right now? relax. there are so many bubbles. more bubbles then I would have put in. oh whatever, they smell warm and light and I'm pretty sure there was a picture of an ice cream cone on the front.

ice cream. what makes an ice cream sandwich good? is it the cookie? or really the cookie texture? I think its the chewy cookie mixed with the soft ice cream. messy but not drippy.
Want to help me with school?
Tell me what you love about ice cream sandwiches in the comments. please?

things I want to do with my christmas vacation -
learn to knit
make a terrarium
hang some art on these walls
rearrange the kitchen cabinets (this has been bugging me forever but its such a big project that I can't really start and not finish so it needs serious dedication)
replant the aloe vera baby plants...maybe gift some?
gym gym gym health kick
a blog every day for a week challenge (going to need your support team)
a lets drink coffee and meet early and plan out goals and blog dreams session with dave cave

baths.......go have one.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Good morning!

Things at school are getting super crazy and I only have two weeks left before Christmas holidays. Saturday night we cleaned and decorated for the holidays and put on christmas music and it was lovely to start to get in the spirit of things. That night a bunch of friends came over for a potluck and we played Would you Rather? the BOARD GAME! I looooove love love board games and this one was awesome. highly recommend. Then we went to the bar near our place and the boys spent all their drink money in the pinball machine ha.

I've been dealing with some health issues and I have another appointment tomorrow after class. I really hope they can figure out whats going on and fix it. Its a rather woman-y problem so I won't get into details but I certainly have come to appreciate the delicate balance our body's must maintain. and I respect my body for doing so good in the past. just now..I feel unbalanced. and confused?

things that have been wonderful -
making pulled pork in the crock pot and remembering how easy it is and how much friggen meat it makes, we have leftovers for dayssss
sitting on the couch in my underwear now that I don't have roomates
finishing projects
striking the right balance of drinking but not being hungover
lemongrass essential oil - I added some to my homemade all purpose cleaner and loooove the smell
thinking about having three whole weeks off at christmas
ordering 80% of my gifts from amazon and not having to go shopping
my new booties that my lovely cousin carly got me

Heres a project that I finished for my Flash class. ...I'm not sure if this will work but I'll give it a shot.....
nope...couldn't figure out a way to make this work. I'll keep trying but for now I have to study for my tech final.


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