Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Baths are awesome. seriously awesome.

I always feel so good after one.

like my muscles and bones are calm. at peace.

then theres this. .   .

the bubbles fizz in my ears. they crackle when I lift my head out of the water. too loud. put my head back in. ahh. the water is still running from the tap. such a waste of hot water. am I really thinking about that right now? relax. there are so many bubbles. more bubbles then I would have put in. oh whatever, they smell warm and light and I'm pretty sure there was a picture of an ice cream cone on the front.

ice cream. what makes an ice cream sandwich good? is it the cookie? or really the cookie texture? I think its the chewy cookie mixed with the soft ice cream. messy but not drippy.
Want to help me with school?
Tell me what you love about ice cream sandwiches in the comments. please?

things I want to do with my christmas vacation -
learn to knit
make a terrarium
hang some art on these walls
rearrange the kitchen cabinets (this has been bugging me forever but its such a big project that I can't really start and not finish so it needs serious dedication)
replant the aloe vera baby plants...maybe gift some?
gym gym gym health kick
a blog every day for a week challenge (going to need your support team)
a lets drink coffee and meet early and plan out goals and blog dreams session with dave cave

baths.......go have one.


Dave Cave said...

yes to all of the above. what week are you doing the blog every day challenge? set a due date for yourself!

Your writing style has gotten a lot more.... real. truer? honest and vivid. Natalie Goldberg? not caring about if it's good or not?

Also my baths: hot hot water with a one pound bag of dead sea salt....then finish with a cold shower. I can't do anything normal i know.

miss teacups said...

Is this actually for school...regardless, ice cream sandwhiches are DEFINITELY all about the cookie bit, not the ice cream, that's just a bonus. If the cookie bit is hard or too sweet or just not tasty then the ice cream sandwhich is shot to hell. I hate messy ones, if the ice cream melts too quickly that ain't cool...though I guess that then depends on you, and how fast you're eating it. Maybe I need to eat ice cream sandwhiches quicker. Probably...or more, maybe I just need to eat ice cream sandwhiches more. If this is actually for school you should ask Mikey, he is an ice cream sandwich connoisseur aka: he eats them a LOT!

Also, I like your Christmas vacation list. Your gramma never taught you how to knit? Mine did, but I can only knit basic stitches which is fine for scarves and only scarves. I'd like to learn to knit more, or better rather.

I need to rearrange my kitchen cabinets too...ugh, such a pain in the ass you're right!

I can't go have a bath right now, but possibly tonight, haha.

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