Thursday, December 6, 2012

what can you do for me?

I'm staying home from school today. for once I'm actually ahead and finished the project thats due in this class and I don't really care to get any feedback on it and as long as its done thats good. (for this class)

its weird to be at home during the day though. I have these dreams of freelancing and living a 'creative' lifestyle and having days filled with coffee and walks and other days working through the night..but is this realistic? Do I actually think I could live that life? I'm not sure.

I'm not sure I couldn't have a steady job and well really a steady paycheque. a lovely steady paycheque.

This year has been good for me though.
(sidenote for anyone new, I quit my job to go back to school and haven't seen a paycheque since)

I've been able to trust myself. I've been able to reel back my 'wants' and 'needs'. Also having the excuse that your in school and you don't have extra money is SO handy to have. I have used it countless times. for example : Christmas! I think its silly to just exchange products. When in other years its been easier to just buy something I do. but no excuse this year, I have the time, I don't have the money, I AM MAKING YOU SOMETHING.

Also it makes me want more for my dollar. yes I will demand you put another handful of pickles on my sub. I will call rogers and ask to have my fee lowered. I asked to have my debit card have unlimited transactions. I asked for an extra $40 off a desk I saw on craigslist. and you know what?! I got every single one of those things. every single one.

want to know what my secret is?


simple simple words that empower people to help you.

seriously. try it. try it for something you wouldn't normally think there is even a way of lowering the cost. the bank? I wouldn't of thought they could negotiate things like that, but they can. everyone can. everyone has power, just give them the chance to prove it to you.

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Dave Cave said...

punctuation is critical.

"What?.... can you do me?"

I've only started to get into negotiation, well....the house was a huge thing.... omg could write a novel about the buying/negoation process. But fucking Bell and their cell phone plan. Like talking with a potato. Suggestion of new company?

It's difficult because the only thing i buy is food.... but maybe i'll try it? sometimes i flirt with the girl cashiers and i feel like i could use that to my advantage

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