Wednesday, July 29, 2009

seven six seven

this beautiful portrait is made out of coffee! yumyumyummmmmmm coffee. i need some right now. coffee maker hurry up. AW it wasn't even plugged in...waittttttting.

more of emma block's work ...

this husky one kills me hahaha. picking up full size squirmy dogs is pretty funny to me.

montreal in 4 dayyyys!!!!! two days off starting tomorrow, must must must get truckloads of homework done in order to not feel pure guilt for taking a vaycation.

thesis topic: just how much does summer school blow? guh.

Monday, July 27, 2009

coin laundry

tonight was a deadline for two major projects that I have been working on.

i am thoroughly relieved to get them both out of the way. the countdown is on...

online course-
-one more quiz
-four more chapters to read
-one large research paper
-final exam

-more research to do
-one a scale of one to ten i'm at about four..
-lots more writing, research and defininf to do

website course-
- D.O.N.E (!!!!)
-except for some tweeking
-and hosting it somewhere....

it will feel so good to get this school thing over with and (GASP) be a real adult. not a student. NOT A STUDENT. i've been a student forever.

five things i am looking forward to:
-going on a spur of the moment trip to montreal next week!
-moving back to toronto, either in two weeks or four
-graduating with a degree
-spending more time painting porcelain, sewing, ...making things with my hands instead of a mouse
-opening up an etsy store with my adorable cousin!

five things i want to share with you:
-a wicked playlist by parker young here

-adorable wedding invitations from hellotenfolds shop

-all of these pretty pictures from unknown sources...

-the fact that i have glasses now. i think it makes me more serious when i'm on the computer. or maybe not, but i like them.

-the package exchange...sign up soon at ohhellofriend!!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

and the ones who do are wild

oh boy oh boyyyyyyyy. i have been super duper lazy crazy busy these days. a life in fast forward. times two times four times six. make time for breathing.

i just spent the last 4 days working on my website. its almost finished and i am thankful for that. i am extremely grateful for the extra special help that i was able to get on it. some baking must been done, this lady deserves it. what was supposed to be an quick meeting and coffee this morning turned into a three hour intensive marathon to get it done. i'll paste the link but i'm not sure if it will work...

enjoy if it does! somethings will be changing...updating..but overall i am pleased. and proud that i did it myself, coding and all!

so after working the past three days consecutavely on the site i took a break tonight and did some internet browsing...and am thrilled with what i found.


getting mail and packages is by far one of my most favorite things in the world. its huge reason i shop on ebay besides the deals haha. and this is the most beautiful package exchange i could even dream of.
The lovely package exchange is a swap of lovely things with an emphasis on ... packaging! It is for anyone who appreciates a good package: both receiving and sending them.
you can still sign up until the 27th and can specify if you would like one two or three packages! in return you send out the same number of packages, spending between 20 and 30 dollars. i can't decide what i am more excited about, makeing or recieving such a beautiful package.

oh and i almost forgot, danni from oh hello! is running the exchange and you can check it out here.

i will try and update more often, but sometimes i get more enjoyment from reading blogs then updating mine.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

oh hello friend

all of these beauties are from the ohhellofriend etsy shop. the president told me we have 100$ in our paypal account after we bought everything we needed/wanted on ebay. i have a new blackberry, a new dress, we bought the angel we live with a new phone, two new wireless remotes for the car, a new wing for the car and a radio transmitter for the ipod. and some other stuff i can't remember like RAM for the computers and other small stuff..
anyway, the last 100 is for me to spend and i've been shopping around and all of these things look pretty wicked adorable.

can't choose + don't have to = yay!

shipping is 3.00US or .60 if you combine more then one purchase. all money is in us dollars.

oh also you should check out oh hello friends blog. your really going to like it. you will. trust me.

bonded by hope - silver bow necklace. 16.75

without you - lace heart deer necklace. 13.25

delight - small silver tree necklace. 10.00

grandmas linens - set of 12 round circle art nouveau stickers, labels, seals, tags. 5.00

flower nest - whimsical birdcage necklace. 18.50

will you find me - victorian style detailed key necklace. 19.50

keep you forever - 'love me' yes or no spinning arrow necklace. 13.20

Monday, July 6, 2009

Don't be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

fixed it fixed it!!!!

thanks green lava. whoever you really are.

blogger help me!!!!

i cant get rid of these stupid strike outs!! how did it even happen?! i published a post with strikeouts and now everything in my sidebar has a line through it. WTF?

please if you know anything please help me. this is so dumb and it is bugging me soooo much!

Friday, July 3, 2009

WTF Why is everything in strikeouts?!?!?!?!?! am i the only person who can see this? please tell me i'm crazy and not everything written on my blog has a f ing line through it?!!?!?!?!! 

(and how on earth do i fix this?)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

two days off

today i do not need to poor any drinks or carry anything on a tray and i couldn't be MORE happy about it!!!

this picture is killing me right now, can't get enough of it. hahahahahah from married to the sea.

i feel like i have 100 and one things to get done in these two days off so here is my list. wish me luck to get it all accomplished.

-read chapter 8 in textbook
-do quiz 3 before sunday night
-clean the bathroom
-paint my toe nails
-pick up my new glasses!!!!!!
-visit my mom
-make a good wholesome dinner with lots of leftovers
-bake oatmeal cookies
-email my teacher final thesis proposal (sooooooo much to do on that one yikes)
-clean the bedroom
-fold the laundry
-go for a bike ride
-take pictures of sellables for ebay
-visit leanne at her cottage
-go strawberry picking!
-get my hair cut and dyed
-weed the garden
-spend some time with the president <3 (this list is clearly not in order of importance hehe)
-work on my website

i am absolutely lusting over everything alyssa ettinger makes in her etsy shop.

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