Monday, July 27, 2009

coin laundry

tonight was a deadline for two major projects that I have been working on.

i am thoroughly relieved to get them both out of the way. the countdown is on...

online course-
-one more quiz
-four more chapters to read
-one large research paper
-final exam

-more research to do
-one a scale of one to ten i'm at about four..
-lots more writing, research and defininf to do

website course-
- D.O.N.E (!!!!)
-except for some tweeking
-and hosting it somewhere....

it will feel so good to get this school thing over with and (GASP) be a real adult. not a student. NOT A STUDENT. i've been a student forever.

five things i am looking forward to:
-going on a spur of the moment trip to montreal next week!
-moving back to toronto, either in two weeks or four
-graduating with a degree
-spending more time painting porcelain, sewing, ...making things with my hands instead of a mouse
-opening up an etsy store with my adorable cousin!

five things i want to share with you:
-a wicked playlist by parker young here

-adorable wedding invitations from hellotenfolds shop

-all of these pretty pictures from unknown sources...

-the fact that i have glasses now. i think it makes me more serious when i'm on the computer. or maybe not, but i like them.

-the package exchange...sign up soon at ohhellofriend!!!!

1 comment:

carly. said...

oh yay! i was hoping you didn't forget about opening an etsy cause i reallyreally want to and can't wait to do it! we should have a time where we can either get together or at least chat on msn or something to figure out ideas and stuff...
ps: photo of your new glasses?

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