Thursday, July 23, 2009

and the ones who do are wild

oh boy oh boyyyyyyyy. i have been super duper lazy crazy busy these days. a life in fast forward. times two times four times six. make time for breathing.

i just spent the last 4 days working on my website. its almost finished and i am thankful for that. i am extremely grateful for the extra special help that i was able to get on it. some baking must been done, this lady deserves it. what was supposed to be an quick meeting and coffee this morning turned into a three hour intensive marathon to get it done. i'll paste the link but i'm not sure if it will work...

enjoy if it does! somethings will be changing...updating..but overall i am pleased. and proud that i did it myself, coding and all!

so after working the past three days consecutavely on the site i took a break tonight and did some internet browsing...and am thrilled with what i found.


getting mail and packages is by far one of my most favorite things in the world. its huge reason i shop on ebay besides the deals haha. and this is the most beautiful package exchange i could even dream of.
The lovely package exchange is a swap of lovely things with an emphasis on ... packaging! It is for anyone who appreciates a good package: both receiving and sending them.
you can still sign up until the 27th and can specify if you would like one two or three packages! in return you send out the same number of packages, spending between 20 and 30 dollars. i can't decide what i am more excited about, makeing or recieving such a beautiful package.

oh and i almost forgot, danni from oh hello! is running the exchange and you can check it out here.

i will try and update more often, but sometimes i get more enjoyment from reading blogs then updating mine.

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