Thursday, July 2, 2009

two days off

today i do not need to poor any drinks or carry anything on a tray and i couldn't be MORE happy about it!!!

this picture is killing me right now, can't get enough of it. hahahahahah from married to the sea.

i feel like i have 100 and one things to get done in these two days off so here is my list. wish me luck to get it all accomplished.

-read chapter 8 in textbook
-do quiz 3 before sunday night
-clean the bathroom
-paint my toe nails
-pick up my new glasses!!!!!!
-visit my mom
-make a good wholesome dinner with lots of leftovers
-bake oatmeal cookies
-email my teacher final thesis proposal (sooooooo much to do on that one yikes)
-clean the bedroom
-fold the laundry
-go for a bike ride
-take pictures of sellables for ebay
-visit leanne at her cottage
-go strawberry picking!
-get my hair cut and dyed
-weed the garden
-spend some time with the president <3 (this list is clearly not in order of importance hehe)
-work on my website

i am absolutely lusting over everything alyssa ettinger makes in her etsy shop.

1 comment:

carly. said...

i love those outdoor candle holders; soooo pretty!

i want to see your new glasses; new glasses are always so exciting!

i hope you get everything done in time

love xo.

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