Wednesday, July 8, 2009

oh hello friend

all of these beauties are from the ohhellofriend etsy shop. the president told me we have 100$ in our paypal account after we bought everything we needed/wanted on ebay. i have a new blackberry, a new dress, we bought the angel we live with a new phone, two new wireless remotes for the car, a new wing for the car and a radio transmitter for the ipod. and some other stuff i can't remember like RAM for the computers and other small stuff..
anyway, the last 100 is for me to spend and i've been shopping around and all of these things look pretty wicked adorable.

can't choose + don't have to = yay!

shipping is 3.00US or .60 if you combine more then one purchase. all money is in us dollars.

oh also you should check out oh hello friends blog. your really going to like it. you will. trust me.

bonded by hope - silver bow necklace. 16.75

without you - lace heart deer necklace. 13.25

delight - small silver tree necklace. 10.00

grandmas linens - set of 12 round circle art nouveau stickers, labels, seals, tags. 5.00

flower nest - whimsical birdcage necklace. 18.50

will you find me - victorian style detailed key necklace. 19.50

keep you forever - 'love me' yes or no spinning arrow necklace. 13.20

1 comment:

carly. said...

are you getting all of those? because i have a tree necklace JUST like that, that i barely ever wear (i don't wear many necklaces) and would be more then happy to send it to spend your monies on something else! just send me your snail mail address

ps: we should have each other addresses anyways i've decided!

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