Wednesday, August 31, 2011

slamming dishes and making wishes

I am in love with this vintage dress. its the perfect mix of pattern, flattering shape, very modest and work appropriate. it was purchased in kensington market for a pretty good deal. I am haggle haggler when I shop in kensington and will never pay the price on the tag.

tips for haggling -
1) find something wrong with it. A button coming loose, the hem fraying, a good eye can save you lots of $$
2) buy more then one thing. when you are purchasing two or three things from the same store most owners will be more likely to give you a good deal. for two dresses I would expect to get at least $20 off minimum. also if you don't need more then one item, if your shopping with a friend, combine the two purchases to one transaction.
3) make friends with the store clerk when you go in, be all smiles and laughs. they have full control over the cost.
4) CASH. always always always offer to pay cash. this alone saves you 15% because you don't have to pay the taxes.

last night was fun. I went to my friends place after work and we drank white wine and talk talk talked. i love how completely therapeutic a good long chat with an amazing friend can be. before I went I was literally in 100 places with my mind but now i feel focused and have a plan. well sort of have a plan. but at least now I know I am not crazy for coming up with this. 

she also makes the best pasta dinners I've ever eaten. amen to that.

its nice when your friends are so happy in their lives. she did not have one thing to complain about. I should try and learn from her.

Monday, August 29, 2011

big brother!

is anyone else watching this season? its been reallllllly good. I don't want to wait between episodes, its killing me. also I am in love with Jeff and Jordan and they are BACK this season. 

no spoilers here. WATCH IT

or if you don't have time to commit to the whole season watch why I love jeff and jordan. specifically jeff. specifically him watering his garden at 1:14. 

speaking of amazing videos, are you really into the new florence and the machine song? what the water gave me. the video is super powerful as well. 

linky linky i make it so easy for you. 

dont talk to me in real life until you watch that. 

its gold dust woman good. (for those of you just tuning in or anyone who have never drank with me, i am 100% A++ addicted to gold dust woman by fleetwood mac. and need to listen to it at least once when drinking. don't remember me doing that? it happened)

speaking of just tuning in, I've had a recent surge of traffic. haha i'm going to bet its because i am ACTUALLY blogging now. consistently. and yes. this is going to continue. 

was speaking to cravid and he knows the cycle of blog binge then nothing but that is not the case here. SCHEDULED postings bitches. beauty. 

okay okay i know your dying for it!

today i found out that there is a swimming pool across from my house with FREE swimming times. amazeballs. hah i was  concerned when spellcheck told me that amazeballs was spelled incorrectly. i forget that it is not a real word.


I've got SO much done around here today. craigslist is awesome eh? I put my dresser on craigslist and in less then 3 hours i had $60 in my pocket and no dresser. 


because THAT is the correct thing to do. i have a huge pet peeve when people leave the ad up and then  are snarky when you inquire about it. HELLO you are the dummy with your ad still up. 

oh wait? you still know how to use a mouse? 


reorganized the kitchen cabinets, and pantry. matched up tupperware and started a donate pile. bought the replacement record player part, scrubbed the stain out of the couch, swept and mopped the floors. potted the plants so they can survive fall indoors, and most importantly I integrated all of my clothes from the dresser to the closet so that I can make a desk area. measured it out, going to get it made tomorrow. horrrrrray.

tonight I am learning html. and css. and how wanting to learn something makes it SO much more enjoyable. 


Friday, August 26, 2011


whyyy hello lovers! I LOVE FRIDAYS!

I wait all week for Fridays! We have a dress down code at our office on Fridays, meaning we can wear jeans and t-shirts if we want but I usually take Fridays to wear outfits that are less corporate and not black. haha, I'm not really a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl. give me a skirt any day.

guys don't get this, its a shame really. skirts and dresses are like wearing nothing! they are so comfortable! and they make you look like you put 100% more effort into your outfit then you really did. win win.

this weekend is very exciting! I am going to see my cousin Carly from tea cups and bubble baths at her cottage for a big family reunion/get together. I haven't seen her in so long! thank goodness for bbm and blogs to keep us connected but real face time will be great. plus seeing all my cousins and aunt and uncles is awesome. fingers crossed for good weather.

outfit deets:

shirt : h&m
Skirt: hand me down from melisma
belt: I think its from like urban behavior or something. I've had it for years.
necklace: forever 21
boots: vintage from kensington market trip a couple weekends ago with melisma
hair: wet and messy and who cares?! its friday!

have a great weekend friends! xox

ps. seriously if you haven't checked out musicovery you should, its amazing! 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

weekend finds

As I had eluded to before I found some REALLY great things this weekend. Here are the non-clothing finds!

$5.00 works perfect, three light lamp in a shiny chrome and black metal base. this is a wicked lamp that will fit perfectly in the living room or as a bedside table lamp. reminds of mad men a little.

ps. don't mind my bra straps poking out, I was just about to run out to pilates when I took these. 

This vintage tv tray is perfect for sitting on my computer and eating dinner...or using it to put my laptop on my um LAP. I've also been using it as a make-shift bedside table while the room re-do is taking place. 50 cents.

and well I have to share this AMAZING avocado I bought at the fruit stand after pilates. CHECK OUT THE SIZE OF THIS THING! actually almost bigger then my face. I'm eating it right now chopped up with salt and pepper. Dave that is you on the telephone. holla!

I've been updating some things around here and know that my blog roll is quite out of date. If your reading this right now and have a blog I would A) love to know about it and B) would gladly add you to my blog roll. just comment below and I will update shortly. xoxox

free printable recipe card

really cool free printable from scissor paper wok

perfect for a housewarming or birthday present. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

your probably getting this for christmas

DIY Japanese washi tape magnets. so cool. so easy. SO doing this. 

the fox is black

desktop backgrounds. 

they can tell a lot about a person. 

here are some wicked cool ones so people think the same of you. 

all from the amazing design blog the fox is black.  the desktop wallpaper project. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


 ummmm how amazing are these shoes? they will be perfect for fall! full coverage on the feet, perfect brown colour and they look pretty comfortable. Plus buying vintage means someone else has worked them in for you. $32...worth it? I think so!
from Vintage and More etsy shop



do you want to see the final outfit?

of course you do!

this is a legitimate example of me loosing my balance:

stupid water bottle on the table. 

now its all you see too right?

minus the blazer and necklace this outfit cost a total of $12.00

shirt, thrifted this weekend, $2.00
skirt, thrifted this weekend, (jacob, brand new) $3.00
belt, thrifted at double take, $1.00
leather clutch, thrifted at dream center in Lindsay, $1.00 (what an amazing find)
heels, thirfted at double take, $4.99

EDIT: if you like these shoes i found a similar pair on etsy here $26.00

necklace, noble town vintage etsy shop, $24
blazer, urban outfitters, $89.99

i wore the blazer for the interview but once I got to lunch I was dying of heat so off it went. I also wore the pink shirt backwards haha because there is a small triangle embroidery thing on the front. Which i do like, but i wanted to wear the necklace and it was all too much.

melis and I scored huge with a thrift store in the town near my cottage. not only was there no one in the store, bonus one, few people in the town have the same taste as us, bonus two, and it was 50% off EVERYTHING. bonus round bonanza amazing.

we went into the town to go to the lcbo, bank and giant tiger and the thrift store was across the street. there was some serious gems in there. I could make a second living with the stuff I had to pass up.

HAVE to pass up. my closet is only so big. i toy with the idea of selling my finds online. maybe if i go back to school and need part time income while i bank some osap. also thinking of going back to school. so much to think about these days!

web design. thats what I would take, and i think i would really like it. and its soooooo marketable. i'm probably asked once a week if I do web design when I mention i'm in marketing.

who wants to sponsor me to go back to school?

p.s. the interview went well! Hi Nicole!

Monday, August 22, 2011

i have spinach in my teeth


i need to leave in 45 minutes. why is the time going soooooo slowwwwww

i'm in coffeeland nervously googleing every interview website and quizzing myself with the questions.

interactive, project management, team player yaaaada yada

i'm usually pretty good at interviews, i just get hella nervous before. but once i get there and start talking its much easier. i mean hello, i get to talk about myself! to someone who is interested! haha

nervous nelly:

ps this is not the shirt i am wearing but i don't want to sweat through my other one.

afterwards i cleverly scheduled a meeting downtown and we are going to Terroni. love that place. although ive never been for lunch before. the meeting is for my current job, with the company that runs our entire online registration system and sends out our eblasts (group emails). If the interview doesn't go well you can bet i'm going to pimping myself to go work for them haha.

i'm undecided what shoes to wear...

black mary jane-ish heels or black velvet heels with a black ribbon bow.

leaning towards the velvet ones. the rest of the outfit it pretty conservative so i think these ones are a little more fun.

do you like when i micro blog my life?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

ramble bramble


so much to say. mostly i am freaking out slightly about tomorrow. because..




ok ok ok ok

i need to calm down, and eventually go to sleep later tonight haha.

this weekend was great. a little rainy but we made the most of it. melisma came to the cottage and we boggle bowled our brains out. i love word games so much.


i got a new computer.

a 24" imac. a beautiful machine.

your saying..but you just bought a new computer? YES but! it wasn't a mac. and it wasn't doing it for me. and this one is perfect and big (size matters) and lovely. i'm in the middle of a bedroom redo so the computer is in the living room right now but i'm hoping to have my new 'desk' area set up soon.

in an effort to expand my music tastes i have been asking friends to tell me their favourite songs and artist right now. but tonight i found something even better...


its a wicked site that you can use to find new music. you can either put in a band/artist you like and it will create a playlist of music that is recommended for you.

or you can choose music based on your mood.

pretty wicked eh?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

scenes from the weekend

 granola, yogurt and ontario peaches for breakfast. cheers!

we had a lady ask if we were sisters because of the matching tattoos. the answer was no, but then really once I thought about it, we sort of are. the ties I have with these girls is thicker then blood. 

doubles. amen. 

ohhh look what we have here. glistening bottles of vodka beckoning us to drink them. 

AMMMMMMMMazing sandwich from a little place by my house. buddha pie. top notch. melisma tried to challenge that she could eat the whole thing but I knew the amount of toppings that go in these things. this is completely vegetarian too. it was so much food we actually had to limp over to the couch and nap for 50 30 minutes.


so when we went to Buddha Pie to pick up the sandwich the chef had a bag of day old buns that he didn't have any use for. He asked if I wanted them and I had just read a recipe for bread salad that I wanted to try. my rendition was loosely based on this recipe but mostly based on what was in my fridge. 


day old bread
green pepper (finely sliced)
one shallot
green olives
red wine vinegar 
olive oil
fresh oregano
fresh basil
fresh parm cheese
salt and pep

1. rip the bread up into smaller chunks

2. combine the olive oil and red wine vinegar. I use one part vinegar to 2 parts oil. I made about a half cup of dressing but this would be determined by how much bread you are using and how many veggies. chop up the shallot and add to vinegar mixture to allow it to mellow. 

3. cut up veggies in bite size chunks, add to seperate bowl. chop and add fresh herbs to veg bowl. add the dressing on top of veggies. 

4. to serve I added the bread to the bottom of the dish and added the veggies on top. then I scooped some of the oil mixture from the bottom and drizzled it over the top. topped with avocado and parm. DELISH!

note: avocado doesn't really go with this recipe but we had it on hand and it was perfectly ripe so why the hell not?
also. if you were serving this at a party I might add the bread right to the salad and mix but keeping them separate means the leftovers won't be soggy.

its pretty much brushetta except in a bowl and you eat it with a fork cold. ENJOY xox

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