Tuesday, August 16, 2011

scenes from the weekend

 granola, yogurt and ontario peaches for breakfast. cheers!

we had a lady ask if we were sisters because of the matching tattoos. the answer was no, but then really once I thought about it, we sort of are. the ties I have with these girls is thicker then blood. 

doubles. amen. 

ohhh look what we have here. glistening bottles of vodka beckoning us to drink them. 

AMMMMMMMMazing sandwich from a little place by my house. buddha pie. top notch. melisma tried to challenge that she could eat the whole thing but I knew the amount of toppings that go in these things. this is completely vegetarian too. it was so much food we actually had to limp over to the couch and nap for 50 30 minutes.


so when we went to Buddha Pie to pick up the sandwich the chef had a bag of day old buns that he didn't have any use for. He asked if I wanted them and I had just read a recipe for bread salad that I wanted to try. my rendition was loosely based on this recipe but mostly based on what was in my fridge. 


day old bread
green pepper (finely sliced)
one shallot
green olives
red wine vinegar 
olive oil
fresh oregano
fresh basil
fresh parm cheese
salt and pep

1. rip the bread up into smaller chunks

2. combine the olive oil and red wine vinegar. I use one part vinegar to 2 parts oil. I made about a half cup of dressing but this would be determined by how much bread you are using and how many veggies. chop up the shallot and add to vinegar mixture to allow it to mellow. 

3. cut up veggies in bite size chunks, add to seperate bowl. chop and add fresh herbs to veg bowl. add the dressing on top of veggies. 

4. to serve I added the bread to the bottom of the dish and added the veggies on top. then I scooped some of the oil mixture from the bottom and drizzled it over the top. topped with avocado and parm. DELISH!

note: avocado doesn't really go with this recipe but we had it on hand and it was perfectly ripe so why the hell not?
also. if you were serving this at a party I might add the bread right to the salad and mix but keeping them separate means the leftovers won't be soggy.

its pretty much brushetta except in a bowl and you eat it with a fork cold. ENJOY xox


miss teacups. said...

can you just come to my house and be my personal chef? i would love that!! or we could be roomates, that'd be fun too :) everything you eat looks amazing!!

fille said...

omg i love you girls

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