Monday, August 22, 2011

i have spinach in my teeth


i need to leave in 45 minutes. why is the time going soooooo slowwwwww

i'm in coffeeland nervously googleing every interview website and quizzing myself with the questions.

interactive, project management, team player yaaaada yada

i'm usually pretty good at interviews, i just get hella nervous before. but once i get there and start talking its much easier. i mean hello, i get to talk about myself! to someone who is interested! haha

nervous nelly:

ps this is not the shirt i am wearing but i don't want to sweat through my other one.

afterwards i cleverly scheduled a meeting downtown and we are going to Terroni. love that place. although ive never been for lunch before. the meeting is for my current job, with the company that runs our entire online registration system and sends out our eblasts (group emails). If the interview doesn't go well you can bet i'm going to pimping myself to go work for them haha.

i'm undecided what shoes to wear...

black mary jane-ish heels or black velvet heels with a black ribbon bow.

leaning towards the velvet ones. the rest of the outfit it pretty conservative so i think these ones are a little more fun.

do you like when i micro blog my life?


miss teacups. said...

hey miss, thinking of you and sending positive vibes your way right now!! bbm me afterwards and let me know how it went okay?

can't wait for this weekend, SO excited!!!

miss teacups. said...

oh ya, i meant to tell you...your hair looks great! it's getting long.

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