Wednesday, August 31, 2011

slamming dishes and making wishes

I am in love with this vintage dress. its the perfect mix of pattern, flattering shape, very modest and work appropriate. it was purchased in kensington market for a pretty good deal. I am haggle haggler when I shop in kensington and will never pay the price on the tag.

tips for haggling -
1) find something wrong with it. A button coming loose, the hem fraying, a good eye can save you lots of $$
2) buy more then one thing. when you are purchasing two or three things from the same store most owners will be more likely to give you a good deal. for two dresses I would expect to get at least $20 off minimum. also if you don't need more then one item, if your shopping with a friend, combine the two purchases to one transaction.
3) make friends with the store clerk when you go in, be all smiles and laughs. they have full control over the cost.
4) CASH. always always always offer to pay cash. this alone saves you 15% because you don't have to pay the taxes.

last night was fun. I went to my friends place after work and we drank white wine and talk talk talked. i love how completely therapeutic a good long chat with an amazing friend can be. before I went I was literally in 100 places with my mind but now i feel focused and have a plan. well sort of have a plan. but at least now I know I am not crazy for coming up with this. 

she also makes the best pasta dinners I've ever eaten. amen to that.

its nice when your friends are so happy in their lives. she did not have one thing to complain about. I should try and learn from her.

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miss teacups. said...

this dress is so adorable and looks so great on you!! now we definitely need to go shopping because i would never think to haggle in kensington. shows how much i know eh?? anyway, when fall comes (for real) i'm coming for a weekend visit :)

also, i TOTALLY know what you mean about long chats with a best friend being therapeutic. i had one this morning with my friend. life gets tough (a lot) of times...your girlfriends just always seem to GET you...and a chat or cry always makes you feel better.

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