Thursday, September 1, 2011

who wants to come to my cottage for the long weekend?

went hunting through my pictures for some cottage scenes. 

who wants to come up?

I will take you water skiing, jet skiing, tubing and board game playing. we will walk to the end of the road and back, probably in the middle of the night, and we will sing our hearts out to classics around the bonfire. 

It will be grand. Who's coming?

oh my goodness I miss those shorts. I actually wore through them over the course of the summer. this was the last summer I was single(ish).  i cut them from pants to shorts to short shorts. 

I'd like to dedicate the photoshoot below to Kalua and loneliness: 

I miss being blond

Come up! its just over an hour from toronto and we've already talked about how close it is from lindsay/peterborough.  see you there ;)


miss teacups. said...

blaaaah. take me with yooooou. haha, unfortunately i do not have weekends off like you so my long weekends are always long weekends...of working. boo! i can't wait til next year when i will have a big girl job (yes i plan to get a career job by the end of my first summer after graduating. no big deal) and then we can spend lots of weekends together. i will also have my license and a car by then...dream big, i say!

red food colouring said...

awwwww I want you to come too!!!

next year sounds great! don't worry you will be able to find something, network network network!

license and a car too, well done, that would be awesome. perfect for going up to your cottage anytime as well.


FoggyBogFaggot said...

this comment is kind of an email.....

i can come up on saturday, afternoonish...can't stay too late because have to work 7:00 AM the next day. Be there around 4/5ish?

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