Thursday, September 15, 2011

shotgun sally

taking these pictures in my bedroom forces me to make my bed. 

this has been a great week so far. eating healthy. three pilates classes. season finale of big brother and entourage. 

top - thrifted for $2 at goodwill
skirt - given to me by my ex's mom
poncho/cape - thrifted for $7 at double take
necklace- from edor etsy shop because of the oh hello friend good cheer deal (still available if you want one)

I wish you could see the detail on the has buttons running up the front and then two button near the sides that can be done up to make 'sleeves'. its a really nice knit and perfect for this weather.

I have already started my christmas shopping. can you even believe that?! I want to get the perfect things for people this year and I HATE malls so I needed to get my game on early. There are lots of great things around the interwebs and and I want to handmake a lot of things so I'm gathering ideas and making paypal purchases.

family - this year you are getting a detailed list. honestly, I am happy just to spend the time together, but I know there will be gifts. I really hate clutter and just don't have time or room for it in my new life so if its not on the list please don't buy it. last year I spent the next two months after christmas returning items for store credit and i still haven't used it all up. i'm not ungrateful, i just don't want to waste both of our time. I would rather get one amazing item then 12 random things I need to find space for.

my hair looks like a rats nest in these photos but I ended up wearing it on top of my head in a messy bun and wore my glasses most of the day so it ended up looking pretty nerdy.

1 comment:

MD said...

woah, when did you become batwoman?

also don't say you "wish" we could see the detail in the poncho, take a closer picture....and how many years did you go to school?

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