Thursday, September 1, 2011

pockets full of stones

this is a pretty typical corporate style 9-5 outfit for work. I'm not changing the world with my style, I am fully aware. I just never see any blogs with more 'professional' style clothing and there are a LOT of people who dress so badly for their office jobs. I'd love to be able to wear more relaxed style but its not an option on days when there are meetings and boardrooms.

this outfit was extremely inexpensive. the skirt (brand new jacob) was found when thrifting for $2.00 the shirt is H&M for maybe $25.00, the watch was thrifted for maybe a dollar or two, the shoes (my go-to day to day amazingly comfortable) are from Lindsay's salvation army $4.00, and the belt was given to me when I worked at Fossil watches.

outfit total: $33

I'd like to think that professional style does NOT need to be expensive. you can buy extremely well made things second hand and pretty much everything that i've bought new for work has been from H&M. you really can't beat the prices there. there are a few girls at my work that wear outfits with more cleavage (don't have any, so I don't have to worry!) and black stretchy pants. its fine for days off but I firmly believe if you look serious about your job, people will take you more seriously.

mmmmmm I just ordered greek food and need to go pick it up. xoxoxox


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Tiny Stranger said...

Cute! You are 100% correct about dressing for success! The very first thing people notice about you is your appearance. First impressions are based on 95%physical appearance, 3% body language 2% what they say) and if someone looks like they should be on their way to the gym instead of an office it is literally impossible to get past their outfit and listen to the words coming out of their mouth! In Vancouver people used to wear lulus with heels and dress shirts..made me cringe.

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