Thursday, September 29, 2011

the hardest part is the stupid title

its been a while since I just sat down and wrote.

its so easy to put content out there but its much harder to write about the personal going-ons.

I have to be honest. I've had a rough few days.

I think I am pms-ing.

ha I read on merediths blog today that she calls it her 'not-pregnant' and I am reallllly into that name hahahaha.

heres why I think that:

1) I got in my car and drove to the store to specifically buy chocolate. (recess pieces and caramilk)
-----> side note: in the elevator back up to the office I told the new girl my uterus made me do it.

2) I was out for dinner with a friend and started crying! in fairness we were talking about emotional things and it was an intense conversation but..really...usually I can hold myself together.

3) everything is pissing me off and I have zero patience for hassle, like don't even talk to me unless you have chocolate.

in good news my brother bought me a veggie monster sandwich from budhapie that was waiting for me when I got home.


he's making up for trying to kill me with sour milk.

Life lesson #45: don't put sour milk BACK into the fridge for your unsuspecting sister to absentmindedly put in her cheerios.

don't think I've forgotten about that!

kidding I love you!

(do it again your dead meat)


not   .....kidding

wanna hear a song I really like right now?


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