Friday, September 9, 2011

the fox is black

work outfit! thrifted top ($2), blazer from Urban and blank skinny pants 
I got so many compliments on my hair yesterday, do you like? haha we weren't sure if we were going to have our sales meeting and one of the agents suggested we just sit and talk about my hair. HA! 

bossy pants face:

this weeks thrifting finds!!!!! From the Goodwill in Mississauga

oscar de la renta oversized bag in perfect condition. I've already used this three times. give me an oversized bag and i will FILL IT. $7

vintage pillow case ..$2 I think? will probably cut it up for a pillow or another project. way to BRIGHT for the theme going on in  my room right now but I couldn't pass it up. 

brown and orange blanket. the texture is really woodsy and I have it on the end of my bed. $4

grandpa sweater! I'm 99% sure this beauty is handmade as there are no tags or washing labels inside. plus you can kind of tell, don't you think? this was made for a lumberjack in the cold ontario winters. now it keeps me snuggled in at the cottage. 

its a little large but I rolled up the sleeves and perfect! I believe this was $7? 

I also got a few other shirts, a pair of white sandals and a great vintage dress, but they will be revealed through outfit posts because they are totally work appropriate. 

weekend plans are up in the air. Im not feeling so great today so I'm not sure what I want to do yet. 

things I accomplished this week:
-oil change
-went to a blue jays game
-stayed in touch with all my friends by email and phone
-drank a pumpkin spice latte!!
-may have gotten a freelance job on the side, doing social media for my friends mom
-set up my new desk and did ALLLL the laundry
-found the perfect scent at anthropology Honey and the Moon

have a great weekend friends xox


Anonymous said...

don't get bangs. let them flooooow like a river.

i'm stealing that sweater.

and the blanket

i dont' like when you center your lists.

miss teacups. said...

those are some really great finds erin. we have the exact same taste in vintage, i want it all!

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