Tuesday, September 27, 2011

magazine inspiration - Part 2

The second batch of inspiration images (see part 1 here) are much more colourful and FUN. I really like when colour is mixed with neutrals, woods and especially lots of white.

The colour blocking artwork above this table is done using felt, how neat (and cheap!) is that? the image on the left has little colour but it really shows how stunning black and white can be together.

 I love love love the look of the green kitchen cabinets, wooden mix-matched chairs and industrial lighting. I'm not sure I would ever be bold enough to have green cabinets but wow. so pretty.

the collection of inspirational images above this credenza is awesome. so many of the pictures pick up on the indigo blue of the table lamp and contrast it with golden orange colours. A-mazing. I am thinking of something similar to this in my computer nook. mostly to corral inspirational postcards and business cards I pick up but also to motivate good design.

I love the use of colour in a 'calming' way, if that makes any sense. I love the white on white neutral look but I think we need colour in our lives to keep it interesting and show our personalities.


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