Thursday, September 22, 2011

the calm before the storm

I took these pictures over a month ago. it was hotter then heck out and there was a weird eerie quietness outside. the sky was so pink and vibrant that I had to try and capture it. Most of these photos are taken from my rooftop patio and show our view of the city.

this is the little school across the street from my house, I love the red doors.

I am less in love with the children who yell on the playground at 7am.

this week has been great so far. I have had dinner with old friends and it feels great to catch up on their lives.  this weekend my step sister is visiting from Ottawa and I can't wait to take her out! we are going to go thrifting and probably to kensington market. Its been so long since we had quality hang out time and I can't wait!

ps jaci I have been trying all day to facebook message you the house address so if you read this I am trying!

(this last photo was a mistake but I loved how the lights turned out blurry and bright.)


JW said...

Beauts sky you captured! You can bbm me or txt me the address as well...613-324-3624! See you tomorrow, can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

those pictures are great! for real, you are a good photographer, and I'm not just saying that to make up from my extra-snark I've been dropping in the comments. Say hi to melis this weekend, even though I just saw her last night.

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