Friday, September 30, 2011

nail polish trick

hey o!

in a better mood today. :)

my nail polish usually lasts about a week but by the end of the week there are little chips at the end of the fingers, especially the most used ones. I came up with a little trick to still make your nails look great right into the weekend. 



just take a bit of sparkle polish and make a freehand swipe across your nail. easy peasy!


I'm really looking forward to this weekend because melis is coming for the whole time and we always have the best of times. probably do some thrifting...I'm craving utopia and I'm sure she will be on board for that. seriously best food/great vegetarian options.

tonight I might try to get to the really difficult pilates class and if I do then I'm for sure buying wine!



miss teacups. said...

cute trick!!
are you not doing shellac anymore?? ps: i've noticed that mine have a few small chips in them...kind of a bummer. at least the chips don't continue and get worse.

have fun with melissa!!

red food colouring said...

no someone told me you shouldn't do it for a long time consecutively. i'm on a 'break' haha.

mel said...

cute nails! my polish always gets chipped. it's cool if my nails are short, but they grow really fast.
jealous. love it. may end up there this weekend. mmmmmmmmm.

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