Friday, September 2, 2011

Two Birds Eatery

 Two Birds Eatery is a project I have been working with one of my best friends on. She is opening this eatery in Squamish BC in only 2 days! It feels like has been in the works for so long, but also like we just started brainstorming.

edit!!! TBE is opening tomorrow!!!!!! (I pre wrote this post.) ONE DAY!


I was able to help Leanne and Carole with the logo design, and all of the marketing material for the store. So far we have done stickers, two versions of business cards, a great facebook page (check it out and 'like' us!!!), signage for the front of the eatery, loyalty cards (buy 9 coffee's and the tenth is free) marketing plans and many other smaller things! The website is still very much under construction and I am taking it on myself to learn html and css and get the site looking great. I promise to link to it once I reach that point.

these pictures are from when I visited the Bird's in July so everything was still under construction. 

So if you ever happen to be near Squamish (between Vancouver and Whistler) please stop by and be sure to let me know.

more recent picture, almost ready to open!


miss teacups. said...

wow, that's a huge space!! i can't wait to see the photos of it done, if she's any friend of yours i'm sure she has great style and the name is super cute so i'm sure the insides will be too!

Anonymous said...

I was in there today. The selection of goodies from frozen entrees to a plethora of baked treats and even vegan gummies is eye-popping. I took home breakfast, lunch and dinner!

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