Monday, September 12, 2011

you can't go back, not even for a VHS

hellooooo. its been quite the whirlwind of a weekend.

beautiful BEAUTIFUL weather. I am in love with this indian summer we are enjoying right now.

I won't go into details but I had an uncomfortable problem that I ended up in emerg with sunday night but all in all STILL a great weekend.

dress was thrifted for $5 at a goodwill in Mississauga
Belt was thrifted for $4 at double take on Gerrard at Parliament

I think I would like to own an apartment in the city as well as a larger home north of the city, preferably on the water.

I would rent out the city apartment during the weekends/weeks I wasn't using it and would keep all my personal things in the country home. There are great websites where people can rent apartments similar to hotels and its win win, cheaper than a hotel for them and I wouldn't be using it anyway.

I certainly can't imagine life without a refuge to get away. my cottage has been a god sent this summer. I can only imagine the mania that would have resulted from endless nights on hot asphalt.

I have a lot of small projects on the go right now. small and fulfilling.

I would like to work from home and be my own boss one day. I truly believe I have the work ethic to do it and would feel so much satisfaction from that.

today I want to learn as much as I can, though. I want to have a mentor, leaders, idols. I need to start with basics and develop myself through guidance. I am new and fresh, which in itself is a commodity to market, but I know I have SOOO much to learn. I'm excited to grow.

I know I've talked about wanting to discover new music and I have another resource for you!

the fox is black is a wicked website that has some realllllly great playlists. (this is the same website that I found all those cool desktop backgrounds on) You can just click a playlist and it will download to itunes easy peasy.

So far I have listened to the in-between spaces and summer soak and LOVED both.



miss teacups. said...

you are such a strong person erin. i just want you to know that i 100% admire that about you.


red food colouring said...

oh my goodness this almost made me cry! thank you so much. I truly feel like I am headed in the right direction. love you times a million

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