Saturday, September 17, 2011

its in the mail!!!

Do you love getting mail?! I DO!

even though my friend Dave and I probably talk on the phone at least once a week we also mail each other. pretty much he mails me back regularly and I procrastinate for a few weeks and then get my shit together and mail back.

we are constantly starting sentences with "well your going to read about this in the letter but.." or better yet

D-"I went on an nature hike"

E- "Yeah i know, I read it on your blog"


D-"So after that .."

E-"You went shopping with your mom"

D-"Right, guess I wrote about that too"

hahaha oh the internet!

do you like this envelope Davey?!

He gave me shit about my lackluster envelopes and called me out on it in the last letter. "YOUR MOM WORKED AT FABRICLAND, MAKE THIS HAPPEN"

if your interested in being penpals I would love to have more letters coming and going in the mail.

Leave me a comment and I will be sure to email you back! I will even write the first letter.



miss teacups. said...

i just finished writing you a letter to go in your package so lets be penpals now too, okay??

super cute envelope!! now it's making my store bought one look crappy...or lacklustre as you say! i will work harder on it next time.

side note: i always have those convos with people..."oh blog" i forget sometimes!

red food colouring said...

its so funny to talk on the phone with another blogger because you already know everything interesting going on in their life.

can't wait for my package!!!!!! xox

mel said...

sweet envelope!
haha love that "your mom worked at fabricland!"
oooh i loved fabricland. still do, to be fair.
loving your blog so far - cheers! mel
p.s. love getting mail also, but can also be a flake about replying on time. if you can deal with that, let's do it! haah

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