Sunday, February 28, 2010

so much has gone on since my last post. i don't even know where to begin. well i guess i just did but yeah. you know what i mean. a lovely lady messaged me with this format for an update and i thought it might make a good post.

LOVE: i'm very much in it. we just had a great weekend together, like as in had the whole weekend to spend together. two days off in a row doesn't sound like much but its been months since we had that. can you believe jay and i have been together for almost 5 years. FIVE years. jesus. all i can say is it doesn't feel like five years. which, i would assume is a good thing.

FOOD: yum. my fridge is to maximum capacity at this very moment. let me just list a sampler but i will preface it by saying we went to the st lawrence market yesterday and i friggen love that place. brie, jalapeno havarti, mild genoa, procuitto, grapes, kalamata olives, sushi, tiger shrimp and orangina. love. oh and fresh ground espresso...i know i've said this before but our espresso machine is amazing. i honestly dont even enjoy espresso from most places anymore knowing how delicious ours is at home, for pennies.

I've had some really good luck with recipes lately. especially a lasagna i made last week. it was the perfect storm of beefy and cheesy and tomoatoey and yeah, i'm glad i made one for the freezer.

I'm already planning my garden for summer this year. herbs and tomatoes and maybe some cukes. also lettuce was pretty easy last year so I should be able to grow that again. its going to be a whole new ball game this year though because everything will have to be in pots. (balcony) and that means i will have to be at the top of my watering game.

SCHOOL: okay so i'm not in school anymore so I will change this to WORK: for starters i sort of landed myself a new job. i'm working as the marketing co-ordinator for a company that builds luxury homes. its a ton of work but i am enjoying it and i like pushing myself every day to see what can be accomplished. i see myself at this job for the next few years at least and i can't say i've ever had that kind of long term investment before.

MONEY: its coming in steadily, which is great. saving every dollar for a new car these days though. soooooo close. there are a few definite options that are we are going to take a look at soon. it feels good to save for something for a long time and then finally be able to reward yourself. i have a personal mission to not put big purchases on credit and then pay for them after. its always an option but i've found that the anticipation of wanting the new item is motivation to save the money faster then i save money to pay down a credit card. next up to save for is a new bed, painting the apartment, new computer, garden supplies and possibly a little puppy!
FUN: GO CANADA GO!! man what a game today. fuck yeah. that was for all the marbles and we took home the gold. our game, our ice, our gold. love it.
also fun is shopping at thrift stores and other places of the forgotten treasures. i have one place in particular i don't think i've ever walked out of there without something great. they have a big section in the back for mix matched cups, mugs, plates and vases. fridays find was a wicked white and grey art deco tea pot.
i borrowed my dads cannon 35mm camera last week. i've been having lots of fun experimenting with the shutter speeds and focus. its all a big experiment and i don't take it very seriously (the film expired in 2001!) but i finished the first roll this weekend and there is nothing better then getting film developed.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

right now there is a beautiful sun snow blizzard happening. balls of snow just twirling around outside. the sun shining through it makes it look surreal.

i just love having huge windows in the new apartment. i walked into the living room and bam, it was so beautiful it took my breath away. i love that, when nature just pulls at your heart strings and you have zero control over it.

things are going well.

we are saving to buy a new car, but we are also planning on selling the car we have so that will help a lot. i used to think cars were silly and people who cared about what they drove were superficial. and i guess i still do think that in a way, but i spend SO much of my time driving now (45 mins to work everday, usually an hour home in rush hour traffic everyday, plus trips out to the model homes for meetings at least a couple times a week, etc.) and i want a car that the left turn signal works and the wheels don't make a rubbing noise when i turn right and all the emergency lights on the dashboard aren't constantly on. and that i'm not constantly surprised when i make it home in one piece.

today i am going to get my hair cut. and coloured. a little treat to myself. (thats what i say every time i go because there is no way to justify the money i spend on my hair, its really a shame the only person i have been happy to take my hair to also charges crazy amounts of money.) oh well, mastercard loves that kind of stuff.

tomorrow we are going to the science center to see body worlds. pretty excited about it. not very romantic but i'm over it. i just wish the website wasn't down and i could book these tickets and this is so frustrating the phone number is BUSY everytime i call. who doesn't have two lines? or at least a bitchy teenager to say HOLD PLEASE and by the time they answer you've abandoned your phone and your making coffee and eggs. no? doesn't happen to you? nevermind.


my boss just found out yesterday afternoon none of us were coming in monday. hahaha.
have a whimsical weekend. xo.

Monday, February 8, 2010

if i had money that i didn't have to save for a new car

i would buy this purse. its little and pretty and would hold just the right amount. ( i will still most likely fill it to capacity though.

85$ US. with shipping....temptaaaaaaation.

elsie's indie business class.

this beautiful tattoo. whon dai.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

an update of sorts

things have certainly been veryyyyyyy busy here.

i sort of landed myself a new job! well...i have been working for this company for a while now as a consultant. they didn't have a marketing person so i stepped in to help them out short term, and before long i really started to like it! they build amazing million dollar homes in some of the most posh neighborhoods of Toronto and the 'burbs and i'm thrilled to be a part of their team. the more i worked with the client the more it felt like i could really get involved with them. being in marketing it is so important to me that i can truly stand behind everything that i sell and these homes are truly spectacular.

so thats my excuse for neglecting this little 'ol blog for the past few weeks. but no more, my life has started to really be on schedule. i'm a person that needs structure and day planners and now that my days begin at the same time and follow the same path, i feel more calm. when i can depend on a daily pattern my imagination, creativity and true self are able to be explored more.

so, i will not promise you a post every day, or even more then a few words, but i do promise to share with you, more and less, more often.
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