Saturday, February 13, 2010

right now there is a beautiful sun snow blizzard happening. balls of snow just twirling around outside. the sun shining through it makes it look surreal.

i just love having huge windows in the new apartment. i walked into the living room and bam, it was so beautiful it took my breath away. i love that, when nature just pulls at your heart strings and you have zero control over it.

things are going well.

we are saving to buy a new car, but we are also planning on selling the car we have so that will help a lot. i used to think cars were silly and people who cared about what they drove were superficial. and i guess i still do think that in a way, but i spend SO much of my time driving now (45 mins to work everday, usually an hour home in rush hour traffic everyday, plus trips out to the model homes for meetings at least a couple times a week, etc.) and i want a car that the left turn signal works and the wheels don't make a rubbing noise when i turn right and all the emergency lights on the dashboard aren't constantly on. and that i'm not constantly surprised when i make it home in one piece.

today i am going to get my hair cut. and coloured. a little treat to myself. (thats what i say every time i go because there is no way to justify the money i spend on my hair, its really a shame the only person i have been happy to take my hair to also charges crazy amounts of money.) oh well, mastercard loves that kind of stuff.

tomorrow we are going to the science center to see body worlds. pretty excited about it. not very romantic but i'm over it. i just wish the website wasn't down and i could book these tickets and this is so frustrating the phone number is BUSY everytime i call. who doesn't have two lines? or at least a bitchy teenager to say HOLD PLEASE and by the time they answer you've abandoned your phone and your making coffee and eggs. no? doesn't happen to you? nevermind.


my boss just found out yesterday afternoon none of us were coming in monday. hahaha.
have a whimsical weekend. xo.


carly. said...

i want to see photos of your new apartment!! it looks really high up :) or wait...better yet, i want to come VISIT the new apt!

are you staying blonde and cut short? or doing something crazy!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see what you've done with your hair :) We need to treat ourselves sometimes no matter how much it makes us feel good! :)

Jacque said...

Such lovely photos! I know exactly what you mean about how nature can move you or take your breath away! I always say that my hair cuts are a little treat to myself too!! Cuteness!

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