Thursday, August 25, 2011

weekend finds

As I had eluded to before I found some REALLY great things this weekend. Here are the non-clothing finds!

$5.00 works perfect, three light lamp in a shiny chrome and black metal base. this is a wicked lamp that will fit perfectly in the living room or as a bedside table lamp. reminds of mad men a little.

ps. don't mind my bra straps poking out, I was just about to run out to pilates when I took these. 

This vintage tv tray is perfect for sitting on my computer and eating dinner...or using it to put my laptop on my um LAP. I've also been using it as a make-shift bedside table while the room re-do is taking place. 50 cents.

and well I have to share this AMAZING avocado I bought at the fruit stand after pilates. CHECK OUT THE SIZE OF THIS THING! actually almost bigger then my face. I'm eating it right now chopped up with salt and pepper. Dave that is you on the telephone. holla!

I've been updating some things around here and know that my blog roll is quite out of date. If your reading this right now and have a blog I would A) love to know about it and B) would gladly add you to my blog roll. just comment below and I will update shortly. xoxox


Ian said...

add mine to your blogroll!

miss teacups. said...

awesome! i love avocado...mmmm!! i just ran out yesterday though, damn.

also, that tray is so amazing!! i need one like that for my laptop while i'm on the couch...if you see another, scoop it up for me? :)

ps: there is a HUGE antique fair going on in lakefield this weekend. i wish we could go/lakefield was closer to dunsford!

FoggyBogFaggot said...

in your avocado pic it looks like you have a serious lazy eye problem....and you're too dumb and accidentally answered the avocado instead of the phone


also....thanks for the closet advice, for real. I don't use anything in there, you're right.

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