Monday, August 29, 2011

big brother!

is anyone else watching this season? its been reallllllly good. I don't want to wait between episodes, its killing me. also I am in love with Jeff and Jordan and they are BACK this season. 

no spoilers here. WATCH IT

or if you don't have time to commit to the whole season watch why I love jeff and jordan. specifically jeff. specifically him watering his garden at 1:14. 

speaking of amazing videos, are you really into the new florence and the machine song? what the water gave me. the video is super powerful as well. 

linky linky i make it so easy for you. 

dont talk to me in real life until you watch that. 

its gold dust woman good. (for those of you just tuning in or anyone who have never drank with me, i am 100% A++ addicted to gold dust woman by fleetwood mac. and need to listen to it at least once when drinking. don't remember me doing that? it happened)

speaking of just tuning in, I've had a recent surge of traffic. haha i'm going to bet its because i am ACTUALLY blogging now. consistently. and yes. this is going to continue. 

was speaking to cravid and he knows the cycle of blog binge then nothing but that is not the case here. SCHEDULED postings bitches. beauty. 

okay okay i know your dying for it!

today i found out that there is a swimming pool across from my house with FREE swimming times. amazeballs. hah i was  concerned when spellcheck told me that amazeballs was spelled incorrectly. i forget that it is not a real word.


I've got SO much done around here today. craigslist is awesome eh? I put my dresser on craigslist and in less then 3 hours i had $60 in my pocket and no dresser. 


because THAT is the correct thing to do. i have a huge pet peeve when people leave the ad up and then  are snarky when you inquire about it. HELLO you are the dummy with your ad still up. 

oh wait? you still know how to use a mouse? 


reorganized the kitchen cabinets, and pantry. matched up tupperware and started a donate pile. bought the replacement record player part, scrubbed the stain out of the couch, swept and mopped the floors. potted the plants so they can survive fall indoors, and most importantly I integrated all of my clothes from the dresser to the closet so that I can make a desk area. measured it out, going to get it made tomorrow. horrrrrray.

tonight I am learning html. and css. and how wanting to learn something makes it SO much more enjoyable. 


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FoggyBogFaggot said...

I'm going to use the ole "28 days to break a habit" rule, and so if you are posting regularly (at LEAST 5x a week) for 4 weeks, I'll consider you a regular blogger. If not, you're still a binger.

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