Tuesday, August 23, 2011



do you want to see the final outfit?

of course you do!

this is a legitimate example of me loosing my balance:

stupid water bottle on the table. 

now its all you see too right?

minus the blazer and necklace this outfit cost a total of $12.00

shirt, thrifted this weekend, $2.00
skirt, thrifted this weekend, (jacob, brand new) $3.00
belt, thrifted at double take, $1.00
leather clutch, thrifted at dream center in Lindsay, $1.00 (what an amazing find)
heels, thirfted at double take, $4.99

EDIT: if you like these shoes i found a similar pair on etsy here $26.00

necklace, noble town vintage etsy shop, $24
blazer, urban outfitters, $89.99

i wore the blazer for the interview but once I got to lunch I was dying of heat so off it went. I also wore the pink shirt backwards haha because there is a small triangle embroidery thing on the front. Which i do like, but i wanted to wear the necklace and it was all too much.

melis and I scored huge with a thrift store in the town near my cottage. not only was there no one in the store, bonus one, few people in the town have the same taste as us, bonus two, and it was 50% off EVERYTHING. bonus round bonanza amazing.

we went into the town to go to the lcbo, bank and giant tiger and the thrift store was across the street. there was some serious gems in there. I could make a second living with the stuff I had to pass up.

HAVE to pass up. my closet is only so big. i toy with the idea of selling my finds online. maybe if i go back to school and need part time income while i bank some osap. also thinking of going back to school. so much to think about these days!

web design. thats what I would take, and i think i would really like it. and its soooooo marketable. i'm probably asked once a week if I do web design when I mention i'm in marketing.

who wants to sponsor me to go back to school?

p.s. the interview went well! Hi Nicole!


miss teacups. said...

erin, soooo...first things first, i ADORE your outfit. you look super professional but also very chic and cute at the same time! i know i already mentioned this, but i am loving your hair longer like this!

i reallllly hope you get that second interview and then we can celebrate this weekend :)

also, if you ever want to open that vintage etsy store, i think we'd make a better team at this one and we should try again! let's be real, neither of us has time to make things anymore...but thrifting we will always do and we both seem to have luck! so...if you're ever interested, i'm game!

FoggyBogFaggot said...

ahh! when did you become a smokin hot lady-boss? Although....last time I saw you we were paddle boating and finding zebra mussels. Not your hottest moment.


red food colouring said...

hahaha dave - you only see me on weekends! i live the rest of my life in corporate mode.

carly - lets talk about it this weekend, I am totally game and really think this could work out well. and thanks for the compliments! xox

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