Wednesday, August 10, 2011

around the web today

Hello! Not much new to say but I've sure been wasting time on the internet today. SLASH applying to jobs! 

don't worry, I'm getting paid for this. suckaaaas

here was some cool stuff that I came across today :)

neat notebook collection from field notes. Every season they produce a new selection of limited edition books. 
if you love stop motion there is a cool video below. 


awful t shirts for girls inspired the Kate Moss quote. this actually makes me sick. 


beautiful newlyweds on the day New York City recognized same sex marriages as equal. click here to read their stories. A wonderful, long awaited, step in the right direction. 



a cool design website to look for inspiration on - designspiration


Elsie on A beautiful mess had a great round up of Mad Men pictures. 

thats all folks! hope this gives you some procrastination material. 



FoggyBogFaggot said...

"a step in the right direction"????

Woman, have I not schooled you in marriage abolitionist theory? Gay rights isn't marriage rights. we need to talk STAT. no friend of mine is gonna be sucked into that trend. i'm embarrassed

FoggyBogFaggot said...

you think i'm happy it's legal to be married everywhere? Why weren't you fighting for marriage to be illegal? Why did we have to conform to you? Marriage is the corner stone of patriarchy that has literally ENSLAVED women for centuries. I want no part of that institution. I don't need a church or government or piece of paper to tell me it's "acceptable" to like and love who I like and love. I've already told myself that, thank you.

p.s. in Uganda if your brother is gay they murder your family. focus on that for a change instead of rich white people finally being able to....wear a fucking ring and change their last name? hooray?

red food colouring said...

you don't need to conform to me. but CLEARLY these people who the New York Times featured WANTED to be married since they lined up for hours to be part of the ceremony.

we can argue the deeply religious ties marriage has and womans rights OR we can celebrate that two people who want to be treated as a married couple can now do so. obviously love is in the heart, not on a piece of paper but its nice they can have both.

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