Friday, March 21, 2008

i hate lindsay.

easter dinner table converstation. -

"can't wait to get up to the trailer this summer, gunna pull out the canoe and patch up the holes. gunna be a great summer for fishin"

"i've got one boy, he's a great guy, 6"2, strong, workaholic, gunna turn out real nice one day, then i gots two girls both on welfare, thems in the system, you know. going nowhere. then my 18 year old, shes my baby, couldn't do a thing wrong if she tried." (uhhh hu, cause your track record has proven to raise great girls)

"tattoos they never go away, them decisions last forever you know, don't make a mistake"
*meanwhile i can CLEARLY see your ex-wifes name tattooed on your fore arm loser

"i wish she would just quit smoking, i hate to hear her coughing at night. its gunna kill her one day."

one hour later...

"i'm good, except i get one beer in me and all i can do is smoke pack after pack"

hi step father. i am glad i am not related to your hick family.


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Haus said...

Amen to this!

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