Thursday, March 20, 2008

manic deadlines. survey complete.

oh right. blogging.

over a week since i last updated. huuu. but at least i was productive.

-got a summer job in the marketing department of a law firm downtown. hellsssss yes. monday to friday 9-5. with WEEKENDS OFF!!!!! i have never had a job with weekends off before. which leads me to
-realized summer is coming soon.
-signed the lease on my new apartment. the most sunny, little,(but still comfortable) apartment. and the best part is the landlord said i could paint it, did i ever mention how much i love painting?
-handed in three major projects, one of them being a hell of a lot more major, ie i have been working on it since the beginning of the semester.
-kissed a boy and then proposed a plan to make this summer amazing. no rings involved. haaa too soon?
-resisted buying any food at my school for at least the past 5 days.
-saw my friends recital, with other friends, it was friendly.
-ate at richtree (finally!, not impressed really though, have to say i was expecting more) with said friends.
-drank a hell of a lot of bottles of wine and feeling good about it.
-borrowed roommates clothes instead of buying something new. many many times. thanks.
-GOT A TATTOO! i can't believe it took me this long to remember that. haha. and i love it.
-dealt with my parents for the time being but i'm sure my mom will have something up her sleaze when i go home for easter, shes already got 100$ on the table for me just for making it home. whatever it is she already feels bad about it.
-got my license renewed, they look crazy now. fyi. get ready for your prison identification card. no more trillium just hard cold data. double picture even just on the front!
-got 8 hours sleep tonight starting eleven minutes ago.


zoeyjane said...

congrats on the jobbie, the apt, the painting, etc!

is everything cool with the 'rents?

Jay Clemens said...

there are a lot of things that I wouldn't do for $100

Plateau Natura said...

Cute and funny..I wish I got a lists too :)

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