Sunday, December 9, 2007


I am FINALLY done! yesss.... no more stress. YAY!

its was a tough hall, sometimes I wasn't sure I was going to make it but I did. thankgod. and now everything can return to (semi) normal for a month at least.

in the time that I have not posted I got myself not just one, but TWO brand new jobs. so we shall see how that plays out.. one is at the end of my street in the cutest little restaurant called I feel like Crepe. its adorable and it only opened two weeks ago. I'm serving there but so far have only had one shift. bummer. i hope it will pick up like they promise...
and job number two. is at a pharmacy in the east end. its sort of a natural pharmacy of sorts and they sell alot of things you would find in a health food store. I am starting tomorrow so we shall see how that goes as well.

yesterday L and M and i went to the Umbra factory sale at the convention centre, let me just say it was HEAVEN. i bought alot of my christmas presents and now my list is alot shorter which is always an advantage. here are some of the things that i bought...

this is a gift for my friend who's birthday party was last night (whoaaaa drunk times ahaha)

this is going above my computer screen. the picture doesn't do it justice it is really beautiful. also I think i will hang mine horizontally not vertically like this ..

this is for above my bed to reflect the light that comes in from my window.

it was a super fun day and i am just happy my school days are finished for a while.

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