Sunday, November 18, 2007

Canada is usually..

a great place to visit.

not for this poor guy. Police tasered him to death in the van city airport. he was polish and spoke no english, when police approached him it looked as though he was having a panic attack. wayyyy to go canada. apparently he had been waiting in the airport for 10 hours for his mother, who was waiting on the other side of the wall.


Looks as though polish immigration will be on the decline. stupid police.

The rest of the weekend went well. j and i had a heart to heart about some things that have been on our minds lately, and granted its not perfect now but at least we know how we each feel. I can't help but feel as though hes going to break my heart someday though.

we got some stellar pictures of a BAZZILION ducks. pictures to come later. (not that anyone even reads this to care haha)

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