Tuesday, November 27, 2012

crate of large sausages....

Just a quick post today. Mostly to let you know that dave cave answered my question of  how do you know when something is a good idea? in writing form and a video too!

I'm going to warn you about going through his site, lots of naked dude pictures, I've asked him to give me a warning but always always always have to fast click away from his blog in public. haha whatever, I've sort of grown to like those posts (didn't at first, I told you that)

I think whats important to remember about ideas is that you will keep having them. Its not like your brain will dry up and you'll never have another good idea in your life. I mean, I think thats what a lot of us fear, but its really unrealistic to actually happen.

Also school puts a whole new dimension on 'ideas'...because they aren't even ideas anymore, they are school projects. Especially when its a group dynamic and people weigh in on your ideas right away and your brainstorming on the spot and for me that is a tough way to be creative.

I also try and save my ideas for later, especially on this blog, partly because I think I fear ^^ (running out of good ideas) and partly because I am lazy. I think, I'll do that post later, when I'm more organized and have more readers and and and.
and then it never happens because in a couple weeks my mood has shifted and its not the post I want to write anyway.

Must get to school.

Here are the search terms people are using to get to my blog.


miss teacups said...

Hahahahha whaaaaat? Have you even posted about some of those things...I mean, really?

Also, in order to comment on your blog I have to prove I'm not a robot and I don't like it because a) I always want to comment and b) half the time I can't even freaking read them and then I have to try for like 10 mins just to leave a comment.

So what I'm inadvertently asking is, can you please remove that option? K, thanks!

Also, new shoesies are on their way to yousies!!

miss teacups said...

Also your friend Dave is hilarious and awesome and really smart and I watched the whole video and was kind of sad when it came to an end "I was talking to Amber about...cooking..." awkward turn off, haha

New blog follower for Dave, right here!

PS: Why does he call you Aunt Karen? There's gotta be a funny story there annnnd I wanna hear it.

Anonymous said...

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Holly Knitlightly said...

baaaaaaahahahaha the other day I had a comment on my blog about Keith, from this guy named Dave Cave who wanted to have sex with him. I had no clue who this dude was OR how he found my blog, bahaha but now I know!

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