Tuesday, October 9, 2012

at this moment I am

this triangle duvet cover from Urban Outfitters

the idea of a yellow ombre pillow on top of that duvet cover

lattes. dark, bitter and frothy. +

beeswax candles. the scent, the colour, the earthyness of them. I've ordered 7 pounds of beeswax to make christmas gifts with this year. I can't wait to get started.

white, leather and gold jewellery. I need to buy some new jewellery, my outfits are boring without something to mix them up and new clothes aren't really in the budget.

grilled cheese! man we have been eating a ton of grilled cheese here. especially on pumpernickle bread. yummmmmmers.

more coffee. I'm in school, what can I say? Girls gotta stay hydrated.

this lovely iphone case. yellow, grey, wood and TRIANGLES? sold!

Sorry things have been so quiet around here. We have literally re-arranged the whole apartment in the last week. moving shelves, adding a new desk, moving the computer, and purging some of the stuff that wasn't working. its much more productive for Peter and I to work from now. I actually enjoy sitting in the living room and working on projects instead of being along in the bedroom on an uncomfortable chair. Hes been doing a fair amount of video work and with all of my homework our main computer gets a bit of a workout.

it was nice to go home for Peters thanksgiving and then up to my cottage to celebrate with my family. it was a bit of a whirlwind tour, we visited, we ATE and we moved on to the next meal haha. repeat repeat repeat. I must say, as lovely as it is to visit I'm a home body and would rather spend relaxing nights at home with P and his amazing cooking. This is sort of a secret but I don't really even like turkey that much.

I'm almost out of tea from Davids tea and was debating what flavours to get next. For sure I am getting forever nuts, pumpkin chai and banana bread...what others do you love? I'm looking for some more non-caffeinated ones since I usually drink tea at night.

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Dave Cave said...

you know how i feel about "dessert teas". they are the frankenstein bride of the tea world. May i suggest lemon myrtle? or green roiboos.

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