Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Five

Photo taken and edit by yours truley. 

Its Fridayyyyyyyyyyy 

Don't you just love fridays? They are filled with so much potential. 

We saw the Batman movie last night... SO SO SO SO GOOD. I felt like it could be real? Like this could actually happen to a city? 

We are headed up to LNZ tonight. probably go and visit my mom and see the new house (she did a ton of renovations to the entire main floor) and then go to the bar peter used to work at for some wings and Somersby. Have you tried this beer yet? YOU NEED TO! it tastes like summer. don't miss out! 

Saturday will start out at the farmers market, then peter needs a haircut, and after we are taking his little cousins up to my cottage for the day :) Should be really fun. which reminds me I want to buy some bubbles and sparklers for them!! 

Sunday has no plans but I have a pretty serious suspicion the day will start at St. Daves for breakfast. best best best place ever. they remember me every time and BRING ME A DISH OF PICKLES. I don't even ask! as IF there is anything better then that. (there isn't)

Friday Five: 

Reading: Why are American Kids so Spoiled  - you don't need to have kids to find this really interesting. Definitely makes me want to instill independence and responsibility on my children from an early age. 

Watching: Ever wonder how they make paper cut out prints? Answer: with ridiculous amounts of patience. 
San Francisco from Simon Summerscales on Vimeo.

Listening: Heartless Bastards ...have you heard of this band? They are new to me and I am LOVING the sounds. Heres a great youtube playlist to throw on while you go about your blog reading this weekend.

Eating: Basil. so much basil on everything. I have loads of it from my little rooftop garden. 

Loving:  That peter and I are both working full time and still have weekends off together. Oh and I'm getting new glasses! Bonlook is having a summer sale, 2 pairs for $99. Amazing right?



miss teacups said...

Have a great weekend! I wish we were free Sunday so you two could come to Peterborough for lunch or dinner or something but alas I'm working at the restaurant during the day then we have physical inventory at the shops that night! Have fun in Lindsay :)

Also, I tried to listen to the playlist and the website said 'retries exceeded' ...weird. I shall try to find them on my own :)

miss teacups said...

PS: I found them...and also really love them so thanks for the intro!

I know it's not even August yet, but less than a month til we see each other!! Please tell me that you and Peter are staying over that night? Please oh please!

Holly Knitlightly said...

Hope you have an AWESOME weekend! Sounds like you have lots of fun things planned! I need to try that beer, haha.

Oh man, I couldn't imagine doing paper cutting... SO INTENSE, haha!

OH & what I do with my photos is once I put them in the blog post, I go into the HTML tab and I change the width. So my blog width is 640, so I type in width="640" in the little <> part with the link to the photo in it. If that makes sense, haha.

Anonymous said...

i love this photo of the flowers and berries wrapped in the steel fence. its so wonderful to stare at for hours, i am making this my new piece in my living room. thank you.

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