Monday, July 9, 2012

TUM - Toronto underground market

This post is loooong over due but I couldn't let these pictures go without posting. Warning: you probably don't want to be hungry when you read this. extremely tasty looking food awaits you.

when my friend laura texted me that she could get tickets to a food truck show but I had to let her know within the next 20 minutes I honestly didn't even have to think twice. I texted peter out of courtesy for filling up our saturday night with plans but I already knew he would be stoked to go.

when we first walked through the gates I noticed a truck my friend mikey had started working with and sure enough he was inside playing grill master. It had been way too long since we had seen each other and he rushed out of the truck to give me the biggest hug.

we didn't really know what to expect and I think for the first 45 minutes we just walked around in such a daze, not sure where to begin, what lines lead where and there were so many options we couldn't decide on just one.

the event was PACKED and line ups went for as long as the eye could see but everything was TOTALLY worth the wait. 

and a word to anyone considering going. be aware you will have to wait in long lines but be prepared for that and make it part of the fun. its the perfect event to go to with friends you haven't seen in a long time, lots of time to catch up. 

thats mikey's truck above and the AMAZING food he fed us below. greek poutine i believe?!

corn nuts on a chocolate donut (heaven) 

wood fire pizza. it only takes 1 minute to cook its so hot in there! 

fresh maple bacon donuts. PHENOMENAL 

hahah bacon was a theme....spicy bacon popcorn 

and below is some kind of vegetarian taco that was impossible to eat without spilling but also very tasty. 

If you go with a group of people you can split up and each concur a line up and one person reserves a spot to eat. then when everyone has the food you can try a little of everything. we saw people doing this and i think its rather efficient, although i imagine your standing in line by youself for a lot of the night. 

if your looking for tickets they go on sale here. but act fast, they have been selling out in only one day! 

you can see a write up about the event in now magazine 

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Holly Knitlightly said...

Sara (my sister) was JUST telling me about this the other day, saying we have to go next month! Are you going to be going again? Let's do it!! Haha.

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