Monday, July 16, 2012

a new path

Dearest Blog friends,

I have an exciting announcement!!!

In exactly one month from today I will be sitting at my desk, in my beautiful office, for the very last time.

A little history first - I've worked at my job for over two and a half years. I've seen a company grow from iddy bitty to international, from start up to a team of over 20. I've also grown in my role here. I started as just a Marketing Coordinator and then expanded to also take over all Sales as well. I currently run both departments.

I consider myself very lucky. I enjoy my job. I work with great people and have a genuine and inspiring boss. I have a huge private office with three windows and flexible hours. I have more then enough vacation time and am compensated well. There are always two sides to the coin, but I am not naive to the current job market, I am very lucky to have this job.

But there was something bothering me that I just couldn't quiet. I felt like I could be doing more. I want to create. To contribute. To make something original. I want to be the person who can make something from nothing. My passions lie in design, the internet, social media, making connections and supporting others. I want to be involved in those things daily, instead of just in spare moments.

I have decided to go back to school for a one year post grad program to expand my knowledge of Web Design. I am literally bursting to get started. I will be starting school in September at a campus about 25 minutes from my apartment. The program is considered the best web design program in Ontario by industry professionals.

I want to design beautiful spaces on the internet. I want to make it easier for bloggers to share great content. I want to help start ups and small business owners establish a presence online. I want to help companies interact with their target market through online engagement. I want to make the internet a more meaningful place for both brands and you, the customer.

And if we are throwing lofty goals out there, I'd LOVE to make online advertising not SUCK as much as it does. It doesn't have to be annoying, it doesn't have to be in your way, and for christs sake it shouldn't promise you an ipod.  
disclaimer: My first degree is in Creative Advertising. I really think there are big things on the horizon for online advertising. For some reason its not taken seriously yet and I think you will see that change over the next few years. I'd like to contribute to this revolution. 

So yes, big changes for me. I'm leaving the comfortable security of my desk job to search for bigger more fulfilling things. I'm over the moon excited. Quitting my stable job is pretty much the scariest thing I've ever done but I can't imagine not moving my life in this direction. 

I'd love to know what scares you the most and if you'd ever consider doing it? What would your dream job be? 


Holly Knitlightly said...

Eryn that's awesome! Good for you! :) I'm excited for you! What school are you going to?

miss teacups said...

YES!! I am so excited for you Eryn! Though your job right now basically sounds like my dream job (haha) You were very lucky to have it and I think it's great that you're not getting 'stuck' somewhere (because that's my worst nightmare) simply because it's pretty cushy and comfortable.

You've taken a huge leap into something awesome and that is SO very exciting! The year will go by SO fast, holy moly, and then before you know it you will be doing what you love...and hopefully by then I will be in Toronto too (& maybe we can take over Social Media together becase that's something I'd love to do as well!)


Adding the finishing touch said...

Wow, how exciting! Good for you!! Good luck. Sounds like you'll be great at your future path :)

mel said...

So awesome!
I hope you enjoy the last month of work, and if you have benefits, go see the dentist! lol.
Can't wait to read about your first day of school ;)

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