Thursday, July 5, 2012

eight months...and the story of how we met

I can't even believe I am typing this but Peter and I have been together for 8 months today! What a FAST, amazing, love filled time it has been. 

We met at a mutual friends party, in my (our) hometown of Lindsay. I didn't even know the girl who's birthday it was, but I knew the person throwing the party so my friend melissa and I just decided to check it out. I even almost stayed in the city that weekend. total fluke. 

we pulled up out front of the party to drop my brother off and peter was unloading something out the back of his van. I asked my friend 'WHO IS THAT!?' (I have a pretty specific type - bearded/tall/not skinny) he caught my eye the second I saw him! 

We went back to mels place to get ready and pre-drink a bit and I can't lie, I totally facebook creeped him hard. I wanted to know everything about him! 

Turns out what he was unloading from his van was a tequila jello lady (the front half of a lady mannequin torso filled with liquored jello) that was the highlight of the night. 

Mel and I were standing over it, admiring that someone had made this amazing, pretty crafty lady and Peter just walks up and starts talking to us. 

In my head I remember thinking, 'there was one person who I had an interest in getting to know tonight and what are the chances he just walks up and starts talking to me?!" It was butterflies from the start.

Honestly, that night was one of the best in my life. Peter made me laugh so hard. We danced allllll night. he kept spinning me around and around and I loved every minute of it. we looked like fools but love is blind, we didn't care. 

the party started to slow down and we decided to walk back to my parents house with mel and peters friend  (ps love you both for being the best wing-man/woman / friends ever) 

we were walking on the road and i remember we were walking much slower then our friends and he looked at me and smiled and I knew he was too much of a gentleman to kiss me but I wanted him too so I just stood on my tippy toes and kissed him! I think it caught him off guard but there is no denying we both wanted it. 

later, I remember sitting outside on a bench, looking up at the stars, talking talking talking the night away. We shared our dreams, our hopes and our hearts. 

I feel so lucky to have met this amazing man. he is such a romantic it just melts my heart. he is always surprising me and doing cute amazing things just to make me happy. 

(For example? he went back to the middle of the road where we had that first kiss and spray painted a heart right on that very spot)

He curates all the music on my iphone, is an amazing cook, a perfect room mate, the giver of amazing back cracks and piggy back rides and most importantly my perfect boyfriend. 

I am looking so forward to spending every day with you and learning and growing together. I can't wait until we can say years instead of months.  I can't imagine my life without you and all of the creative energy and support you give me. I want us to follow our dreams together and to live this life without holding anything back. You've brought out the very best in me and I love you for it. 


Tiny Stranger said...

So adorable I almost cried.
You deserve this!

miss teacups said...

Oh jesus...I was on the verge of crying too Jaci :) Such a cute story and AS IF he went back and spray painted a heart...that is TOO cute. Please tell me he took a photo! What an awesome guy. He really is hilarious (I can attest to that!)

I hope you both are coming on Aug.25th to my cottage!!! It'll be SO much fun!!

mel said...

This is so sweet, I love it.
Happy Anniversary to you guys, you make a great couple!
Cheers to years instead of months!

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