Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy July.. desktop background

So its July now.

whaaaaat the heck June? why you so quick! haha

Here is an amazing and FREE desktop background from Please Note. you can download the perfect size from her site.

this weekend was great. Friday night we had friends over for a BBQ, saturday we went for a bike ride and to the farmers market and then had a total chill out day the rest of the afternoon. we laid around, ate an amazing brunch, watched Shutter Island, I had a bath and painted my nails and then read on the patio. later on Peter had a few friends over to watch UFC and I rearranged the bedroom. Sunday I had a great visit with my friend Laura from school and we drank the most amazing drink that Peters dad invented called backporch lemonade. we ate bbq'd pork chops and I made this zucchini, potato and goat cheese gratin.

now I'm back at work but looking forward to a sushi dinner date with my friend melissa (who is living in Toronto again!!!!!) and Peter told me this morning we are going to make this the best week ever so who even knows what fun things that will bring!

looking for a pump up song to get you through the last bit of monday?? listen to this!!

1 comment:

miss teacups said...

Can you tell Peter to stop being so darn adorable is that to say, hehe.

Also...that DOES sound like a perfect little weekend. I can't wait to move to Toronto so we can do fun things like that and double date all the damn time!! :)

Also...are you guys coming Aug.25th? Please say yes...please say yes...

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