Tuesday, April 17, 2012

triangle nails

Sooooooo....you may already know this but I have a pretty serious obsession with anything that is a triangle. I don't have a story or reason why I like them, I just do! 

so when I came across these nails I was super in love. imagine how cute they would look holding up jewelry or a small grouping of picture frames with exposed strings..


available here :)

So kind of funny story but I told Peter I had to finish this post about bronze nails and I guess he assumed I was talking about nail polish. which wasn't my original intention but that made me think of a pretty wicked DIY that I saw on the beauty department for triangle nail stickers that I need to try out.

and if you haven't heard of the beauty department GO. RIGHT. NOW!

1 comment:

miss teacups. said...

Yup me too. I've had that saved as a TO DO since I saw them...so cute! Why don't I live in Toronto so we can DIY our nails together? Ugh....

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