Monday, November 30, 2009


this weekend i was feeling very festive, so i made this red and green pendant garland! every time i went out and was walking around downtown it kept hitting me that christmas is coming. we didn't have any decoration or seasonal touches in the apartment and every time i was going to buy something i would stop myself because either it was expensive, tacky or both. instead i went to the best second hand store near my house and rummaged around the skirt section until i found a green and a red fabric i was happy with.
i cut them into triangles and then sewed them together. it was pretty easy and i think the result is really nice and festive without screaming christmas. when i was at the second hand store i found a bunch of really cute wooden ornaments that i huge from the garland with ribbon. we don't have a tree but i think this is better.
when i got home from a looooooong day at work today the president surprised me with the little reindeer on the top of the mantle! so cute.
also, this cd was free from starbucks because my bill was over 15$ and even though it only has four songs on it i really like it and am kind of addicted to it hehe.

also i thought that i would show off a little design piece i did for my mom. i signed her up for this amazing site called and it is the coolest place for knitters. you can have your own profile and keep track of your patterns. its a great resource for questions or finding new designs. i know she is going to love it, and i wanted to present her with something more then just the username and password written on a card at christmas so i designed this little 'gift card' and printed it out on this great thick brown recycled paper i had. i think it turned out well. oh and the account is free to get, you just have to wait until they email you back an invitation to the site.

we have a new client at my work and i spent the whole day today immersing myself in everything they need from us. its almost like i am starting a new job, since i am going into this without any knowledge about their business or how they operate. it was nice to work out of an office for the day though, i miss that feeling at 6pm when you finally get out the door and the rest of the night is yours to enjoy. when i work from home i never get that 'leaving the office' feeling of accomplishment.

also i just watched the last three episodes of project runway season 6! soo good! go to to watch it in perfect HD.

hope your monday was as productive as mine!

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Jacque said...

Such a cute christmas decorating idea! love it!!

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