Thursday, November 26, 2009

heres the munity i promised you and heres the party it turned into

hello darlings. yesterday was a a big day with work. i was helping to organize a networking event and it was a huge success. we had over 90 people come! and the food, ohhh goodness the food was amazing. i have plates of it in my fridge right now, so yummy and stuff i would never splurge on all at once.

im rather blue today. no particular reason...i don't know why i feel the way i do. something is just off, not quite right. i can't put my finger on it but its somewhere inside me and its hard to ignore. i can't, won't, say what.

part of me is shutting down, and as opposites cosmically attract, i am discovering things about myself that i didn't think possible. i don't know were in me to do. i know i am being so vague and pointing my finger in the air and trying to describe what it is that i'm touching. its just hard. its difficult to be honest with myself and with others and see both sides of the coin.

some days the future is right onfront of me. its the ground i'm about to step on, its waiting for the thumbs up without even needing to look back.

today is a day when the future is like looking through a paper tube. its there i can see it, i know i'll find it, its just beyond the next distance. the shaded curves on either side are rather hard to get though in the meantime. i'm already too far to look back now.

tomorrow will be a better day. xo.


Jacque said...

Just discovered your blog! It's really cute and funny! Love it!

carly. said...

i feel that way lots sometimes...especially when the weather is kind of gloomy like it has been lately.

ps: i got my bb! add me to bbm: 2088365C

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